Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook, Steps To Fix Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook


Facebook is a famous social networking service. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of this App. It is termed the most downloaded mobile App. Per the survey dated July 2022, Facebook has more than 2.93 billion monthly active users Worldwide. Apart from being very easy to access, people can download the Facebook app from any device like Personal Computers, tablets, Smartphones, etc. It gives users user friends features to its users. Facebook users are having an issue with the Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook. Read this article and gets steps to solve this issue.

Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook

Facebook App is known for connecting people from different parts of the world. On Facebook, you can become a friend to anyone and be a friend to another person. Add Friend Option on Facebook will appear only to those who are friends with one of your friends. Sometimes this feature won’t available if someone sets up their privacy settings as Friends of friends. By using this option, you limit your Friend requests. Many Facebook users is having issues with Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook.

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How To Fix Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook?

Some simple steps will be there to fix Add friend option Not Showing On Facebook, you may message the person’s account and ask them to add you as a friend, or you can ask them to change their Privacy Settings and accept your friend request. Apart from this, some simple steps are available to solve this issue. This article will discuss some easy steps to solve this problem.

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Steps To Fix Add Friend Option Not Showing On  Facebook

Changing the privacy settings in your Facebook app is the first and foremost option to fix Add Friend Option Not Showing On Facebook. Here with we have given some simple steps to solve this program.

Step 1:Select and Open the Facebook Application On Your Device

Step 2:Select the three Horizontal Lines from the top right corner of your Facebook Page.

Step 3:Tap on the Setting And Privacy option in your Facebook Account

Step 4:Select the settings option Again

Step 5:Click on the option Privacy Settings from your Facebook App

Step 6:Select the option How People Find and Contact You

Step 7:Now Select the option Who Can Send Your Friend Request

Step 8:Select the everyone option in Your Facebook Account.

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