Another pan-India experiment from Kannada industry ‘Banaras’ to hit screens

Director Jayatheertha, while talking to IANS explained the USP of the movie when it comes to south Indian audience: “They feel Banaras and experience Banaras. And, after coming to theatres, I am damn sure that you will visit Banaras city with your family.”

“When it comes to a North Indian audience, I would say, Banaras is your pride. We have shown it in a divine and poetic way that no one has so far portrayed and call on them to please experience it,” Jayatheertha explained.

“There is excitement that I have made a pan-India movie. The fear is that Yash had become a pan-India star after acting in many movies. Rishab Shetty has been a director, actor, and technician and now he achieved success with Kantara. But, Zaid Khan, the hero of the movie, is a new bee in the film industry,” he said.

“I have taken care that he is up to the mark. Whoever has watched the movie is appreciating his acting skills. So far, the super hit pan India movies are character driven such as Puspa, KGF 1 and 2, Kantara. This is the first time content-driven subject is presented through Banaras,” he explained.

“Banaras is not only in title. I have shown the vibrancy on screen. I have brought the vibration on screen which I felt personally at Banaras when I went there as a south Indian.

“The location, Bharat Mata Mandir, ghats, playing of musical instruments, the sound of the river which created vibrations in me, are going to create the same vibrations in the audience. That’s why ‘Banaras’ title was kept,” Jayatheertha explained.

Jayatheertha went on to say that Bengaluru is shown more beautifully by a director from Kerala or Tamil Nadu than from a native director. “If natives of Banaras watch the movie, they will wonder that their Banaras is so beautiful.”

“Banaras has a poetic presentation in the movie. In every frame, the depiction of Banaras is poetic and divine. I am very excited and I am waiting,” he said.

“The folk art form ‘Veeragaase’ is used and the local ‘Kaashka’ language of Kashi is used to get a strong feeling of nativity. Shiva Thandavam is there and the entire climax is shot during Ganga arati, which are all rooted.”

“There is a peculiar profession called death photography in the ghats of Kashi. Death photographers take a click of the dead bodies before they are burnt and sell them to relatives for Rs 50 and Rs 100. They don’t click photographs of any alive persons. There is this character in the movie,” he informed.

“I am happy to share that Rocking star Yash, Rishab Shetty, who have achieved pan India success, are very much connected to me. I had groomed Yash before his first movie ‘Moggina Manasu’. I am an acting teacher basically. It happened in 2006. Today he is at greater heights.”

“I made Rishab Shetty a full-fledged hero in the super hit Bell Bottom (Kannada language) movie,” he added.

Banaras movie will be released in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages on November 4. Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro are in lead roles. The romantic movie is extensively shot in Hindu pilgrimage cities Banaras and Kashi.

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