Facts About the Australian Comedian Santo Cilauro’s Family Life: Meet His Wife Morena Cilauro

Santo Cilauro is a comedian, actor, and founder of the group known as The D Generation. He is also an Australian television and film producer. Santo is a family man; he has been married for two decades to his wife, Morena Cilauro, and the couple has raised two children together.

Santo Cilauro is a well-known comedian from Australia who also helped create the group known as The D-Generation. After finishing his education, Santo went straight into the entertainment industry to start his career. Cilauro’s first venture into comic theatre was alongside Tom Gleisner and Rob Stich, working together on productions and tours. he is also an author and former radio presenter on the Triple M Network.

He also collaborated with them on the Melbourne University revue Let’s Talk Backwards, which he authored and participated in. In addition, Cilauro was an employee of the Working Dog production firm. He has contributed writing to a number of critically acclaimed films, such as “The Castle” and “The Dish.”

Santo Cilauro

Santo Cilauro Is Married To His Wife, Morena Cilauro; The Age Difference Between The Two Of Them Is

Morena Cilauro, who is also a comedian, is married to her husband, Santo Cilauro. According to the images that I’ve seen of them together, Santo and Morena don’t appear to have that much of an age gap.

Santo is currently 60 years old, and based on the appearance of their wedding photo, his wife likewise appears to be between the ages of 50 and 60. The successful family life of the Australian comedian is the primary focus of Santo, who also places a strong emphasis on his own family. He and his wife, Morena, are the parents of two children.

Oscar Cilauro, the eldest son of film producer Cilauro, is a young soccer prodigy who is gaining notice in his area. Oscar is a goalkeeper who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Because Santo does not use Instagram or any of the other popular social media platforms, it can be difficult to gather information regarding his personal life.

It is not known how Santo and Morena first became acquainted with one another; but, judging by the fact that their sons have now reached adulthood, they appear to have been married for a significant amount of time.

Santo Cilauro Is A Father of Two Children: An Inside Look Into The Family Life Of The Australian Comedian

Oscar Cilauro, the eldest son of film producer Santo Cilauro, is a young, up-and-coming soccer player who is beginning to garner notice in his sport.

The comedian is an Australian by birth, but he has Italian ancestry due to the fact that Carlo’s parents were born in Italy. Although the comedian is an Australian by nationality, he has Italian heritage. Because his Nonno, who was also known as his grandfather, was an actor, he learnt how to act from him and looked up to him as a role model.

At this time, he is unable to provide information regarding the occupation of his other child. Cilauro is the grandson of Nonno Cilauro, who was also an actor, and the son of actor Vito Cilauro and his wife, Clara Cilauro. Cilauro is also an actor.

On the 23rd of January, 2018, the Australian comedian made an appearance on the YouTube channel owned by Warren Perso with his family. In the video, Santo discussed how his grandfather serves as both a mentor and a role model for him.

During the course of that discussion, the comic discussed several aspects of his private life.

The amount of money that Santo Cilauro has in his own wealth is over $2 million. Cilauro, who is best known for his role as Geoffrey Slater, the meteorologist in the ABC comedy series Frontline, purchased for $2.2 million a retreat in the gated complex The Villas of Byron.

Awards from the Australian Film Industry as well as the Logie and a number of other organisations have been bestowed upon Santo. In addition to that, he is up for an award for the International Emmys.

Additionally, Santo is a co-founder of the group known as the D-Generation. His role as the weatherman on Frontline has brought him the majority of his fame. In spite of this, he is also a published novelist and a former radio host who worked for the Triple M Network. He came to the notice of people all over the world because of the internet sensation film Elektronik Supersonik.

However, Santo keeps a very secret life, and the producer is not on Instagram either, so we were unable to get any information regarding his way of life from any of those sources.

Santo Cilauro

Acting and production work

Cilauro first began working with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner on a variety of comedic theatre plays and tours. He is a co-founder of The D-Generation together with a few other individuals.

During the troupe’s show’s run on ABC TV in 1986–1987, Cilauro not only wrote for but also participated in the play (which also led to the album The Satanic Sketches). Cilauro remained a member of the D-Gen throughout the time that the group broadcast their Breakfast Show on Triple M radio (1986–1992) He played a variety of characters during this time, including the simple-minded “Wayne from St. Albans” and “Gino Tagliatoni,” amongst others. Cilauro was not only a writer but also a performer on the sketch comedy show The Late Show, which was produced by D-Generation during the years 1992 and 1993. He made appearances in episodes such as Graham & the Colonel, The Oz Brothers, and Jeff & Terry Bailey.

After the second and last season of The Late Show, Cilauro went on to star as Stix in the 1994 ABC cop show spoof Funky Squad, which he also helped conceive and for which he acted as one of the writers, producers, and directors. After that, he went on to help establish the Working Dog production company and was one of the writers, producers, and directors of Frontline (1994–1997). In addition to his behind-the-scenes work on the show, he also had a recurring part as the weatherman Geoffrey Salter. Since then, Cilauro has collaborated on the screenplays for the successful films The Castle (1997) and The Dish (2000), both produced by Working Dog, and he was a regular cast member on the programme The Panel, which aired on Network Ten from 1998 to 2003. In addition, he hosted a few episodes of the show on occasion.

Cilauro has served as an executive producer for a number of Working Dog productions, some of which include: “The Panel,” “A River Somewhere” (1997–1998), and “All Aussie Adventures” (2001–02). On the series The Hollowmen (2008), which Cilauro co-wrote and co-produced, he has the role of Head of Market Research, Theo Tsolakis. In addition, Cilauro has portrayed the role of IT technician Griffin in the Shaun Micallef sitcom Welcher & Welcher (2003) as well as K2 in the Working Dog radio skit Johnny Swank from the year 1996.

Santo, Sam, and Ed’s Cup Fever! was a nightly comedy and variety show that was broadcast live from Melbourne during the 2010 FIFA World Cup that he co-hosted with Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang. In 2014, Cilauro collaborated with his colleagues at Working Dog, Sitch and Gleisner, to produce the first play ever produced by the collective, titled “The Speechmaker.”



2012 Any Questions for Ben? Producer, Writer & Camera Operator
2009 Shintaro! Himself Documentary
2007 The Sound of Aus
2004 Herman, the Legal Labrador Sal the Hot Dog Vendor Voice only
2001 Numero Bruno Himself Documentary
2000 The Dish Producer, Writer & Second Unit Director
1997 The Castle Writer & Camera Operator
1996 The Campaign Director, Writer, Producer & Cinematographer Himself – Narrator Documentary
1988 Billy’s Shout Director TV Short


2016-19 Utopia Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
2016 Pacific Heat Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
2014–Present Have You Been Paying Attention? Panelist Himself
2013–15 Santo, Sam and Ed’s Total Football Executive Producer & Writer Himself
2012 Audrey’s Kitchen Executive Producer
Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever! Executive Producer & Writer Himself
Pictures of You Executive Producer
2010 Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever! Executive Producer & Writer Himself
2008 The Hollowmen Creator, Producer, Writer & Camera Operator Theo Tsolakis
2007 The Panel: Christmas Wrap Executive Producer Himself
2006–2009 Thank God You’re Here Creator, Camera Operator (Series 1-3), Writer & Executive Producer
2004 Russell Coight’s Celebrity Challenge
2003 Welcher & Welcher Griffin Griggs
2001–2002 Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures Writer & Camera Operator
1998–2005 The Panel Executive Producer Himself
1997–1998 A River Somewhere
1995 Funky Squad Creator, Director, Producer & Writer Stix (‘Joey Alvarez’)
1994–1997 Frontline Geoffrey Salter
1994 Homicide… 30 Years On Himself
1993 Bargearse Director & Writer Poloneck
The Olden Days Various
1992–1993 The Late Show
1988 The D Generation Goes Commercial Writer
1986–1987 The D Generation

Zladko Vladcik

Cilauro, along with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner, is responsible for the creation of the popular Internet phenomenon character Zladko “ZLAD!” Vladcik, who is a Moldovan synth-pop musician. Cilauro created Zlad as an accompaniment to the Jetlag Travel Guide to Molvania. Zlad can be found on Molvania. Cilauro, together with Sitch and Gleisner, contributed to the writing of the Jetlag Travel Guides to Molvania, Phaic Tăn, and San Sombrèro.

Cilauro, performing under the alias Zladko, has appeared in two music videos, namely “Elektronik – Supersonik” and “I Am The Anti-Pope.”

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