Babychar17 Ankha Video – Twitter Reaction Explained


A few days back, Ankha Trend went viral on TikTok but, recently it got boomed up after Babychar17 Ankha Video. She put the social media on fire with the Animal Crossing video. She is popular for making extreme versions of the viral TikTok trends.

She went viral for the first time when she had uploaded the extreme video of the long-running Buss It Challenge. The particular video got around 1.2M+ views on Twitter.

But, when she posted the particular trend video of Animal Crossing, she got a lot of hate and anger from the general public as it was explicit content. This trend went viral in many parts of the world.

Babychar17 Ankha Zone Video

After The Buss It Challenge, which was a trend, Ankha Video has received millions of views. Babychar17 posts explicit and adult content on Twitter and nowhere her account is found on TikTok. She also copies the dance moves of the famous Egyptian cat from Animal Crossing.

The creator gained quite a lot of attention for her Buss It Challenge video and it looks like the Ankha video is set to be the second one on the list.

Babychar17 Ankha Video: Twitter Reaction

After she was found on Twitter, there we lots of negative comments from the people. All of them were asking to stop her to posts implicit content on Twitter which will affect young kids. The particular trend video by Babychar17 on Twitter got over 1300 comments from the general public.

Although ‘Camel by Camel’ had been recreated by Zone to upload an Ankha video and TikTokers still enjoying the song and making their own, Babychar17’s video has gained a lot of backlashes for ruining the trend.

This video became the reason for concern everywhere.

Babychar17 Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

Babychar17 can be found on Twitter with the username, Charlotte. Her real name is Charlotte Grey. She has over 85K+ followers on Twitter.

She also has an active Instagram handle with more than 35K+ followers. She mostly remains active on Twitter and Onlyfans.

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