Bodycam Shows Moment Cops Found Hope Solo Passed Out In Walmart Parking Lot

Bodycam Shows Moment Cops Found Hope Solo Passed Out In Walmart Parking Lot

Police found former American soccer player Hope Solo passed unconscious in a North Carolina parking lot while her 2-year-old twins were asleep in the back seat, as shown on bodycam footage.

The video, taken by Winston-Salem Police Officer A.J. Sereik’s camera, obtained by Queen City News, captures the officer pulling up in front of a black GMC Yukon on March 31, 2022, in the Walmart parking lot.

Solo is confused while Officer Sereik talks to her, and when a second officer shows up after four minutes, Sereik says, “she’s completely oblivious to everything that’s like going on right now.”

The star athlete then questions the officers while her kids start crying in the backseat and refuses to take a sobriety test. Solo said that she had only just had a “nap.”


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Moment Cops Found Hope Solo Passed Out In Walmart Parking Lot

After the second officer, G.J. Mager drags Solo from the car and arrests her for disrupting, delaying, and resisting an officer; the video eventually ends.

She refused a sobriety test, and a warrant-issued blood test revealed she had three times the legal limit of alcohol.

Solo later wrote in a statement on Instagram that, “I underestimated what a destructive part of my life alcohol had become.” “I made a huge mistake. Easily the worst mistake of my life.”

The former goalkeeper was found guilty of driving a vehicle while intoxicated.

Is Hope Solo Arrested?

According to recently released body cam footage, an arrest for drunk driving was made after police discovered former US soccer star Hope Solo passed out in her car with her twin babies in the back seat.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and one-time World Cup champion Solo was arrested on March 31, 2022 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in a Walmart parking lot.

Officers were called to a report of a woman driving her car for more than an hour while sleeping off, with two young children in the backseat and the engine running.

The confused 41-year-old is seen in the body camera footage of a Winston-Salem police officer saying that she was merely taking “a nap” and that she had not had any alcohol.

After a few minutes, she was stopped and taken into custody after blood alcohol tests revealed she had consumed three times the legal limit.

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