Chicago Landlord Dismembered, Landlord Killed By Tenant Chicago, Chicago Woman Killed Landlord, Who Is Sandra Kolalou?

Who Is Sandra Kolalou?

According to the report from Law and Crime, it has been reported that Sandra Kolalou is a 36-year-old lady who was staying on the Housing board in Chicago. The lady was accused of killing and dismembering the landlord. The landlord is said to be at the age of 69. The lady was taken into custody on Monday. Sandrah was charged with one felony count each of first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death in the slaying of Frances Walker, whose severed body parts were allegedly found in Kolalou’s freezer.

Chicago Woman Killed Landlord and Dismembered

According to the report from Watch Live, it has been reported that police were called on Tuesday night to the 5900-block of North Washtenaw Avenue, complaining about the missing woman in that housing board. The police officers checked the area and her house, finding the human remains in the freezer in which the person’s arms, legs, and head were found. But the body of the dead person went missing. Later, after an examination of the parts of the body, it was found that the organs belonged to the 69-year-old landlord, Frances walker.

Chicago Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan Report

According to the report from Watch Live; it has been reported that the Chicago Chief of Detectives, Brendan Deenihan reported to the media on Wednesday evening stating, “That very well could possibly be what escalated this into the defendant becoming extremely angry and committing this horrific act. They eventually discovered human remains in a freezer, at which point we backed out of the residence to secure a search warrant to go back in and retrieve all evidence properly. The tow truck driver explained that individual pulled a knife on him, so officers responded to that scene and placed that suspect into custody.” 

Sandra Kolalou Instagram

Squiidape from Chicago posted a mugshot of Sandra Kolalou, saying, “Sandra Kolalou, 36, was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder and concealing a homicide in the killing of Frances Walker, a 69-year-old woman who played piano at the Evanston School of Ballet, police said. Walker was killed Monday, Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said. Walker had served Kolalou with an eviction notice “as recently as Saturday,” Deenihan said at a news conference. Kolalou killed Walker, dismembered her, put her body in a freezer and tried to dispose of evidence at a Rogers Park beach, police said. Kolalou also pulled a knife on a tow truck driver she called to take her to the beach, authorities said. Kolalou was charged with aggravated assault for that incident, police said. Police were able to arrest Kolalou thanks to Walker’s other tenants, who heard screaming, called police and followed Kolalou as she tried to hide evidence, Deenihan said. The neighbors played a crucial part in the investigation, leading officers to find Walker’s remains inside a freezer in the home, as well as bloodied towels in a trash can at the beach, Deenihan said.”


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Sandra Kolalou Surname And Mugshot

According to the report from Forebears, it has been reported that Kolalou’s surname is kept by people residing in Benin country of Africa. It is also common in other countries like Papa New Guinea. A mugshot of Sandra Kolalou is also given in below. To know more factual details about the murder, follow our website. More updates will be added once noticed.


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