Dural Woman Shereen Kumar Missing – Is She Found?

After a body assumed to be that of a missing 43-year-old Sydney mother was found in Sydney, her partner was charged with murder.

Around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Shereen Kumar vanished from her home on Taylor Road in Dural, northwest Sydney. She was reported missing the following morning.

On Saturday night in Dural, police were searching through the bush when they came across a body. Though not yet legally recognized, it is thought to be the body of the missing woman.

Just a few kilometers from the scene of her death, police made an arrest of Vincent Carlino late on Saturday night at the couple’s residence.

On Sunday morning, the 37-year-old Vincent was charged with murder and appeared before Parramatta Bail Court.

His attorney made no comments regarding his client’s pending plea outside of court.

“Clearly these are very serious matters and it’s still very early on in the proceedings,” Elias Tabchouri said.

“And once the matters flesh out further well we’ll take a certain course.”

The Sydney mother, who also worked as a part-time model, has work published in a number of periodicals both domestically and abroad.

Additionally, the two collaborated on a dog-walking business.

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