East Chicago Teacher Arrested? What Happened In St Stanislaus School?

East Chicago Teacher Arrested?

This incident has almost stopped the heartbeats of many Chicago citizens. According to Fox 32 Chicago, the answer to the above question is Yes. The teacher from East Chicago was arrested. The reason behind her arrest is that she has been threatening a fifth grader that she would add the child to the “killer list” that she has prepared. Many of the parents are left speechless by this incident as they feel that the school has become too unsafe for the children. Scroll the article further to know what happened, the reason, and the cause.

St Stanislaus School East Chicago

Officials said a teacher at St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, Indiana, was detained on Thursday after it was found that she had made threatening remarks to pupils and maintained a “death list.” Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, 25, of Griffith, was taken into custody at her home early Thursday after East Chicago police approved an emergency detain order. According to the police, authorities were called to the school at around 5 p.m. on Wednesday after a kid told a counsellor that their fifth-grade teacher had made remarks about murdering herself, the pupils, and other staff members at the school earlier in the day. In addition, the kid said that the teacher told them they were at the bottom of her “kill list” and that she has a similar list for other students.

What Happened in St Stanislaus School?

In East Chicago, Indiana, a fifth-grade teacher is charged with compiling a “kill list” that included some of her pupils. It occurred at St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, at 4930 Indianapolis Blvd. A pupil in the teacher’s class is getting credit for speaking up and informing the administration about the situation. Parents who received the unsettling charges from the private Catholic school were not pleased with how they were notified. Portia Jones, a fifth-grader, is one of the kids who complained about her instructor. Her father approved for her to speak to Jermont Terry of CBS 2. She declared her intention to murder her high school, middle school, and half of her family, according to Portia. She also reported that the teacher had a kill list prepared so that she could execute her plan accordingly.

East Chicago Teacher Arrested

The teacher was escorted to the Principal’s office and was kept under surveillance. There she was enquired about her actions and was kept stand still there until the children were safely dispersed. She was then taken to Police Custody, where she accepted that she had prepared the list as the students were getting on her nerves, and she couldn’t tolerate them. The parents of the children were disappointed with the incident and demanded an explanation from the school authorities. Further, knowing from the Police officer that the legal procedures were safe, the principal had shifted to the online mode of learning along with the school counsellor to support the children during these difficult times. 

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