Who Is Eduardo Franco From Stranger Things Season 4? Know More About Him

Eduardo Franco

The American actor Eduardo Franco joins the cast in the fourth season of the renowned Netflix series Stranger Things. His long hair has led some followers to believe he is Native American.

His portrayals of Theo in Booksmart and Spencer Diaz in American Vandal have earned him widespread acclaim. The actor has so far made several appearances in advertisements.

Franco made news when netizens questioned if his long hair was real or fake. His long, beautiful hair draws attention to the new Stranger Things season 4 cast.

Eduardo Franco Family

Eduardo France was raised by his parents in Arizona, The United States.

He talked about what it was like to come from a working-class family. He also added his aspiration to succeed in Hollywood in an interview in 2019.

He claimed that his mom and dad put in a lot of effort and that, even as a young child, he wanted to repay the generosity and affection they had shown him, as per the reports mentioned by Distractify.

Franco tried to save money for a car during his first work at a play, but he eventually gave his parents the money to pay their bills. He claimed he needed money to travel to Los Angeles because his family couldn’t support him.

The Stranger Things new cast also claimed that many people making their Hollywood debut already have the financial security to do so and that frequently, they don’t want to disclose that.

Eduardo Franco 2

Is Eduardo Franco a Mexican or an American?

Eduardo Franco has stated that he is a Mexican-American because his parents are from Mexico. There is no truth to any claims that he is Native American.

Eduardo expressed excitement that his character was being embraced by Latinx viewers of Stranger Things Season 4 in a recent interview with Remezcla from May 2022. The actor is happy with what he has accomplished so far.

He also stated that his aunt, who had a hair salon across the border into Mexico from Yuma, Arizona, where he was born and raised, had helped keep his long, shiny hair in place.

The lengthy intervals between haircuts created a hairstyle that has since become his trademark, but it wasn’t always simple to cross back and forth due to U.S. customs.

After the season’s premiere on May 27, 2022, the new character has gained tremendous notoriety. His hair has also been the subject of media attention.

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