Who Is Elizabeth Russett? Is She The Woman Sues Kellogg Pop-Tarts With A Lawsuit?

Elizabeth Russett is a woman from New York. She has become the talk of the town as she accused Kellogs, a high multinational food manufacturing company. She sued the company for not having enough actual strawberries, reported TMZ.

As per the source, the woman sued the company and claimed that the Kellogs Pop-Tarts fruit filling in Kellogg’s Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries is mixed with other fruits like apples, pears so than strawberries. But the problem is there are a few strawberries in the packet.

Who Is Elizabeth Russett? Kellogs Pop-Tarts

Elizabeth is from New York. She has filed a lawsuit against Kellogs company as the food manufacturer is making customers fool.

There is no further information added about the New York native, Elizabeth, in the media lately.

No doubt, the news has become a piece of the sensational story in the media since October 19. Elizabeth states that the company’s packaging ingredients are only, to fool customers who want a snack packed with more strawberries.

But, the truth is the Kellogs Pop-Tarts look actually heavier because of pears and apples and a few strawberries. She insisted, it is not enough to provide the berry’s nutritional benefits. Let alone a strawberry taste.

Kelloggs Pop Tarts Lawsuit

Elizabeth is a woman who slammed a Kellogs company from New York. According to USA Today, Kellogs has faced a $5 Million lawsuit due to the lack of strawberries in the Pop-Tarts. The woman from New York allegedly sued the company on October 19.

However, Kellogs has named the packet Pop Tarts frosted strawberry, but the berry is less compared to pears and apples. There is no taste of berries. The company is trying to mislead the consumers about what is in the pastry?

As noted by WKYC, the lawsuit said that the frosted strawberry product contains 2% or less of “dried strawberries, dried pears, dried apples,” including the food coloring red 40, according to its nutrition label.

As we all know that Kellogs Pop-Tarts was released in 1963. Eventually, with lots of research and theories in 1967, PopTarts strawberry it was confirmed that the frosting was able to stay on the cookie as it toasted in the toaster.

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