Facebook Notifications Not Working 2022, Why Am I Not Getting Facebook Notifications? How To Fix?

Facebook Notifications Not Working 2022

Have the Facebook notifications on your desktop or mobile device stopped coming in? It’s possible that you’ve turned off the app’s notifications in your phone’s settings or browser preferences. There are further reasons as well, and we’ll teach you how to resolve this issue.

Sometimes the Facebook app may have issues, you have DND or low power mode on, your browser limits notification permissions, or Facebook is unable to deliver notifications. This guide will teach you how to solve these problems.

Why Am I Not Getting Facebook Notifications?

Numerous Android and iPhone users complain that they are not getting any Facebook notifications. The majority of them say that they do not receive any notification alerts from Facebook and that their notifications are disabled. Others claim to get Facebook notifications, but they are silent. You are probably one of those people who chooses our website to address Facebook notification issues. Join us as we work together to fix this issue.

If you’ve enabled notifications in your Page settings but aren’t getting any notifications, it’s possible that your mobile device’s notifications are disabled. Go to settings on your smartphone then tap Notifications, and ensure that Facebook notifications are turned on. 

How To Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working 2022?

You may wish to check a few settings if you use Facebook on your desktop and notice that the notifications are not functioning properly. For example, it’s possible that Facebook notifications have been disabled. Or perhaps the problem is being caused by a bug.

Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working On Desktop

Similar to this, the majority of Facebook users who use Google Chrome may want to see if their browser has been updated. It can be an issue if you’re still using an old version of Chrome. It’s crucial to verify whether Facebook notifications are turned on for your account before moving on to the next fix. 

  • Log into your Facebook account using the correct login information first. Then, visit your account homepage, where your news feed is shown.

  • Search for the downward triangle-shaped bottom arrow in the top right corner to select Settings.

  • You may quickly examine all of the notification settings by going to Notifications from there.

  • Changes can be made to a number of notification settings, including tags, birthdays, reminders, and other information. You can change on the spot and make necessary adjustments in it.

  • After turning on the desired notifications, you may then determine if the problem has been resolved or not. Check your device to see if you can get the notification or if they are still not appearing.

Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working On Desktop

There is a fix to solve it if you are not getting notifications on your Android device or ios. A variety of Android smartphones now come pre-installed with Facebook, and your iPhone now has this well-known programme.

  • Try clearing the cache first if you are having trouble receiving Facebook notifications on your Android or iOS smartphone.

  • From the settings, pick Apps and then Facebook.

  • Click on “Other Apps” to find what you need if you can’t find it in the App management directly. After that, select Storage.

  • Next, select Clear Cache.

Just clear out the cache and see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, you may want to take the drastic step of reinstalling the app in your Android or ios.

You must follow the same procedures if your device is also equipped with the Messenger app. To erase the app cache, you must also tap “Clear Cache.” Your Facebook logins will be deleted, but the issue should be resolved immediately. You should also make sure to download the most recent version of the Facebook app from your local app store. For example, be sure to update the software using the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. But if you have an iPhone, you should use the Software Store to update the app.

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