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Fallout 76 Overview

The online action role-playing video game Fallout 76 was released in 2018 and was created by Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks. It is a chapter in the Fallout series and comes before previous ones. In Bethesda Game Studios’ debut multiplayer title, Fallout 76, players journey together through the open globe that has been devastated by nuclear conflict. A customized version of Bethesda’s Creation Engine was used in the game’s development, enabling multiplayer gaming and a more intricate game world than in previous titles.


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Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes


Added new items into the Atomic Shop to release over the coming weeks, addressing several bugs, and kicking off a brand-new Challenge event for the 25th Anniversary.

The Fallout 25th Anniversary: 

Try visiting the Atomic shop to claim a free daily mystery item easily. Players can easily complete the daily challenges using the mystery item to earn advanced items. You can progress your range towards weekly challenges by completing daily mystery item challenges and unlocking the Wild Mountain Rifle Refab.



Starting from October 25, you have access to hunt down the costumed scorched throughout the loot-based in Appalachia. You can also hunt down a few legendary items there and earn and gain points till November 8.


Now the Moleminer Treasure is spotted around Appalachia when you search for the legendary loot. Claim the Moleminer Pails loot for better gameplay, or try purchasing the pails from any robot vendor.

Bug Fixes


  • Allies: Fixed an issue that could cause companions to be killed on exiting a server.

  • C.A.M.P. Items: The Wavy Willard Camping Canoes are craftable again.

  • C.A.M.P. Items: Made adjustments to the Arm-Wrestling Machine animation.

  • C.A.M.P. Items: The Resonator Guitar can now be interacted with.

  • Concrete Building Set: Wall items no longer clip into walls with windows in the Concrete Building Set.

  • Daily Ops: Addressed an issue where Blood Eagles in Ops did not count towards Daily and Weekly Challenges.

  • World: Updated various headwear to count towards the “Scrap Headwear” challenge.

  • Enemies: The Fanatic Foreman can no longer destroy the Foreman’s Terminal during the Boss Encounter.

  • Rewards: Expeditions Weekly rewards now reset correctly.

  • Clothing: The Jack-O-Lantern Pant Suit and Short Suit can now be sold at robot vendors.

  • Food: Fried Radtoad Legs and Firecap Tasty Souffle have been moved to the appropriate crafting categories.

  • Food: Added descriptions to the Coffee and Sunshine Oil to describe their effects.

  • Weapon Rack: The Auto-Axe now displays on the Gravitronic Weapon Rack.

  • Dailies: Addressed an issue causing some players to be unable to receive Refuge Daily Quests.

  • Division of Wealth: The objective marker to “Deal with the Highjack” now correctly points to the right floor.

  • Recruitment Blues: The quest target will no longer disappear when the player gets close to Master Sergeant Gutsy at Camp McClintock.

  • Responder’s Reborn: Skippy will no longer have his back to the player after teleporting during a scene in Responder Reborn.

  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast: Fixed an issue where players could not start the Mountainside Bed & Breakfast quest appropriately.

  • Ounce of Prevention: Updated text to no longer incorrectly refer to multiple blood samples.

  • Pass the Buck: Fixed an issue that prevented Pass the Buck from starting.

  • Patrol Duty: The Penitentiary Guard can no longer be crippled by enemies.

  • Secrets Revealed: Fixed an issue where Vault 79 may become inaccessible after completing “Secrets Revealed”.

  • Secrets Revealed: Radcliff now correctly refers to Digger’s fate in player dialogue.

  • Steel Reign: Addressed a pathing issue with Paladin Rahmani during the quest “Out of the Blue”.

  • Steel Dawn: Addressed an issue that could cause the optional weapons dialogue with Knight Shin to repeat after relog.

  • Steel Dawn: Addressed a dialogue condition issue with Scribe Valdez.

  • Tea Time: Fixed an issue where players could fail the event by not starting the boilers in time but receive no in-game message of failure.

  • Icons: Fixed an issue causing Vendor, Shelter and Spooky Icons to not remain greyed out on inactive C.A.M.P.s

  • Map: Players with Teammates over level 1023 will now accurately see their Teammates level when displayed on the minimap.

  • Ammo: Ultracite 2mm Ammo now correctly weighs the same as its non-Ultracite Variant.

  • Crusader Pistol: Adjusted the Reflex Sight to be in the correct spot.

  • Mods: Addressed an issue that could cause Magazine/Clip Capacity to not correctly reset after swapping mods.

  • Mods: Addressed an issue that caused weapons with multiple projectile mods to fill VATS crit meter twice.

  • Shotgun: Fixed an issue causing the Pump-Action Shotgun name to not dynamically change after applying the Enclave Skin.

  • Skins: The Fixer can no longer be traded, dropped, or sold with the Jack – O – Lantern Skin applied.

  • Weapons: Charged weapons will no longer lose charge when exiting sneak.


Fallout 76 Patch Notes

Bethesda game studios created the massively multiplayer online role-playing game known as Fallout 76. You should have no trouble playing with your pals, as the game’s main feature revolves around the fact that it supports multiplayer. Fallout 76 has released its new update and the patch notes as well. In th upcoming passages, we have added the Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes, so refer to the newly added patches from here.

Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes Release Date

You might wonder when Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes was released. Multiple online people were curious to know insights about when Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes was released. Fallout 76 Patch 1.68 Notes was released on October 25, 2022; also, please check out the insights we have provided regarding the patch notes and the games mentioned above.

Fallout 76 Gameplay

Appalachia’s map is 4x massive compared to the size of Fallout 4. The environment here has more details compared to fallout 4. The gamers can enjoy an open-world game where they will go through random encounters. Each server has a unique weather and timezone; a few seasons are better for harvest. However, the game has a negative feature: it can’t be saved manually as it contains multiplayer. 

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