First 9-metre-high 3D printed villa built in Saudi Arabia

The villa was built directly on site, without any AC equipment during the summer.

The use of 3CDP technology is the first of its kind in this area as it accelerates the pace of construction while reducing the wastage of construction material, increasing safety, and reducing errors.

Construction followed strict protocols to ensure that the villa is being built safely in every aspect as per Saudi Arabia’s building codes.

Saudi Arabia has used this technology to meet the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and to support economic diversification and digitisation.

Unlike traditional home-building methods, 3DCP cuts construction time by more than half is more flexible and requires less manpower because only three workers are needed to build a house.

Additionally, less concrete is required to complete the building making the technology a more sustainable and viable solution for the low-carbon construction industry of the future.

Project Manager Wael Al Hogan said: “Our company is building a second villa, which would normally take a month to complete, but we have already completed the first floor in just eight days. These 3D-printed villas have additional insulation layers and features that ensure energy conservation, saving up to 30 per cent in energy consumption.

“With this technological revolution, customers will be able to choose from a variety of digital designs when buying their villas in the near future And with just a click of a button you will be able to print your home.”

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