GB Whatsapp Is Safe Or Not? Is GB Whatsapp Safe For Video Calls?

What Is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is a variant or modified version of WhatsApp.  It is, in essence, a distinct programme that must be downloaded via an APK. This is because neither the Google Play Store nor the Apple App Store offer GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp was created by independent developers that wanted to enhance WhatsApp. Therefore, it has nothing to do with WhatsApp Inc. GB WhatsApp is not the only WhatsApp clone; be aware of this. Furthermore, it is an old app. The software has long been accessible on both Android and iOS. It tries to provide users with an experience that is comparable to WhatsApp by adding functionality that the original WhatsApp does not have.

GB Whatsapp Is Safe Or Not?

The answer is no, none of the Whatsapp clones, including GBWhatsapp, are safe. Whatsapp’s terms of service make it abundantly clear that they don’t accept modified versions of their application. Your account can be suspended as a result. To add or remove certain features from the actual app, programmers modify the real code of the app’s APK file. They are essentially the original Android Apps that have been cracked.
This only applies to Android because third-party programmes cannot be installed on iOS.

Why GB Whatsapp Is Not Safe?

While GB Whatsapp has several intriguing features, the end-to-end encryption that is the essence of WhatsApp messaging is gone. Even though apps like GB WhatsApp utilise the name of WhatsApp, there are no security measures in place, and WhatsApp discourages users from using such apps for fear of becoming a victim of privacy invasion. Additionally, it has been brought up repeatedly that a number of the APK download URLs for GB WhatsApp have been discovered to be infected with malware, putting users at risk of assault. For these security reasons, WhatsApp, therefore, exhorts users to revert to using the old app and provides instructions on how to do so in its security notice.

Is GB Whatsapp Safe For Video Call?

It is not safe if you download and install GB WhatsApp on your phone. There are several reasons why GB WhatsApp isn’t verified by play protection and doesn’t have an official website. Therefore, video calls cannot be made when it is unsafe. Considering that a third party may have access to your data.

Features Of GB Whatsapp

You can use GB WhatsApp and other modified versions to:

  • Download the status directly to your phone.

  • Hide up a blue tick and a double tick.

  • Hide last seen for a certain contact

  • Name your group with at least 35 characters.

  • Instead of 250 contacts, create a broadcast for up to 600 people.

  • Also, send APK files

  • Send 90 pictures instead of 10 pictures at once.

  • Customize the app’s theme and icon

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