Graham Mansfield: Who is he? Man found not guilty of killing his terminally sick wife because he “acted out of love”


Who is Graham Mansfield?

A retiree who attempted suicide by slitting the neck of his dying wife is now free after being cleared of her murder. Dyanne Mansfield, 71, allegedly asked her husband Graham Mansfield to kill her “when things go nasty” despite having cancer. The court determined that Mansfield “acted out of love” and had been under “immense emotional pressure” when his wife of 40 years passed away in “exceptional circumstances.”

Mansfield was found not guilty of murder but was given a manslaughter sentence of two years in prison with a two-year suspended. Although his wife’s plea was the “saddest words he had ever heard,” the former baggage handler for an airport told the Manchester Crown Court that he agreed to it as long as he could also commit himself. He was found early on March 24, 2017, in the couple’s Hale, Greater Manchester, home, while Mrs. Mansfield’s corpse was located at the bottom of their garden, slumped in a chair.

Police and paramedics arrived at the semi-detached property in Canterbury Road after Mansfield dialled 999 and told the operator that he had killed his wife at 9 p.m. the day before and then attempted to kill himself. Mrs. Mansfield was bleeding heavily from a 6.3-inch (16-cm) wide incised wound that had severed her windpipe. A lump hammer, three knives, and her body were found together.

A letter addressed to their family was sitting on the dining room table. We regret for the inconvenience, but there is nothing further we can do. When Dyanne was informed that she had cancer, we agreed to this. We came to the conclusion that the time had come because I couldn’t bear to live without Dyanne as the months went by and things became worse. I hope everyone will comprehend. Don’t become too offended. We have spent a great and joyful life together.

Mrs. Mansfield did not sign either message, the court was told. Mansfield was apprehended on suspicion of murder at the scene and later had surgery for injuries to his neck and both wrists. The defendant’s “unwavering devotion” to his wife was praised by the couple’s relatives, friends, and neighbors, according to the police speaking with them. The jury was informed that some people didn’t even appear startled when it was alleged that he had killed her as part of a suicide pact.

Speaking to the media after the hearing, Mansfield allegedly said that his wife would be “furious” to find that he had a criminal history. He also reportedly called on politicians to change the legislation surrounding euthanasia and terminal illness. He remarked that nobody ought to go through what we did. “Unfortunately, my wife isn’t here today. She shouldn’t have had to die in such inhumane circumstances, therefore that’s what we had to do.

The perpetrator’s circumstances in this instance are unfortunate for you and unusual in situations before this court, Mr. Justice Goose reportedly told the offender before sentence, according to the Daily Mail. You were under a lot of emotional tension. I’m sure that your devotion to your wife was what drove your actions.

Peter Higson, Mrs. Mansfield’s brother, gave a statement to the court, saying, “My sister is deeply missed. I wasn’t stunned by her demise because I was aware of her serious disease and agonising suffering. However, the way she passed away shocked me. Having said that, I can understand the predicament Graham was in. I was in a similar situation when my own wife went away from cancer. I don’t have anything bad to say about Graham, and I’ll continue to value our friendship. If Graham received an instant prison sentence, I would be quite angry. In my perspective, Graham has already endured too much suffering, and he will never fully heal.

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