Gravity Omutujju Cries: What Happened To Gravity Omutujju? Gravity Omutujju Wife

Who Is Gravity Omutujju?

Gereson Wabuji, popularly known as Gravity Omutujju, was born in 1993 in Nakulabye. Gravity Omutujju is a Ugandan rapper. He is considered as one of the top Luga flow artists who rap in Luganda. His parents were Michael Gesa and Jane Kajoina. Gravity started his career in singing at Old Kampala Secondary school. He randomly got his stage name, “ Gravity Omutujju.” He has won numerous awards like Buzz Tenniez awards, Hipipo Music, and MTN Hip hop awards. He was also nominated for the best hip-hop song at the HiPipo Music Awards.  Read the below-given article to learn more about Gravity Omutujju.

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What Happened To Gravity Omutujju?

Over the past few weeks, Ugandan rapper Gravity Omutujju has been the talk of the town. Gravity had recently made comments about the music legends; Bebe Cool, Chameleone, and Bobi Wine which was not in a good way has caused the rapper so much of trouble. At a Press Conference on Thursday afternoon regarding the music industry, Gravity shed tears while speaking press. The singer also revealed how people had attacked him on social media based on his comments on the three artists. Gravity’s comment about the three artists, Bobi Wine, Chameleone, and Bebe Cool, was that they are no longer relevant in the industry and that they should step aside and let the young rappers take the lead. He even mentioned that his wife and kids, who knew nothing about music, were also trashed all over the internet.

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Gravity Omutujju Cries in Public

Gravity Omutujju, a famous Ugandan Rapper, was publicly crying at a press conference on Thursday. The rapper was trashed all over the internet for publicly commenting about three fellow artists at his concert. The rapper told his fans from the concert that Bobi Wine, Chameleone, and Bebe Cool were no longer relevant in the music industry and that they should make way for young artists. The singer also admits that he has been trashed so much all over the media. Gravity publicly apologized for what he said about the three artists at the press conference. He said that his wife and kids, who knew nothing about music, had also been trashed by people. Gravity publicly apologized to the three artists regarding his comment on them.

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Gravity Omutujju’s Wife

Rapper Gravity Omutujju is married to Nakanyike Sharua and has been together for more than five years. The couple shares two children together. Sharua had said in an interview that Gravity is the best husband and a good father to her children. 

Gravity is said to be a very private person, and he hides his children and family away from the public. Sharia showed up to Gravity’s Lugogo Cricket Oval Concert, where she admitted in an interview that Omutujju is not the same as we see outside and that he is different indoors. She also added a statement that Gravity had never beaten her, even though he made a statement in public about beating his wife.

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Gravity Omutujju Biography:

Specifications Details
Name Gravity Omutujju
Age 28
Occupation Musician
Birthplace Uganda
Nationality Ugandan
Networth $1 million-$5million
Source of income Musician
Marital Status Married
Wife Nakanyike Sharua
Body Measurements Not known

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