HBO Max Picture In Picture Not Working Iphone, Know More On How To Fix It?

What Is Picture In Picture?

With picture-in-picture (PiP), a movie is condensed into a tiny player so you may continue watching while using other mobile apps. The little player can be positioned above other apps and moved about your device’s home screen. The video will become a PiP window if the PiP setting is enabled. Playback might go over the top of other apps when the PiP window is moved to different locations on the screen. Before leaving YouTube, you can pause or end a video’s playback to stop PiP from starting.

HBO Max Picture In Picture Not Working Iphone?

The HBO Max app’s Picture in Picture mode, sometimes known as PiP, enables you to multitask while viewing content. One of the most cherished aspects of HBO Max is the picture-in-picture mode. The Picture in Picture mode does not function properly for some users. This post is for you if your HBO Max app’s Picture in Picture mode isn’t functioning properly. Unfortunately, the Picture in Picture feature is only accessible to iPad and iPhone users. But don’t worry, We have  developed a solution for streaming material on PiP if you watch HBO Max on your PC. To learn how, see the last section.


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How To Fix HBO Max Picture In Picture Not Working Iphone?

  • Open the HBO Max application on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Find the programme or other content you wish to watch by searching for it.

  • To begin playing the video, tap on it.

  • Enable Fullscreen mode

  • To access PIP mode, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen. A tiny floating video player will start playing as soon as you swipe.

  • Open the app of your choosing and start using it as you watch something on HBO Max.

  • Tap the play button to finish watching the video.

  • This is the proper way to operate HBO Max’s Picture in Picture mode. Many users just minimise the application when the PIP mode does not function.

  • Additionally, keep in mind that you must begin the video playback before swiping up. The HBO Max PIP mode won’t function until then.

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