Hive App Not Working, Why Is Hive Saying Oops Something Went Wrong? How To Fix Hive Not Connecting Issue?

What Is Hive App

Hive isn’t a new app. It’s an old app that had been available in the app store for years. People just found out about the app recently, and the app is not the talk of the town. So many people are flocking to sign up for a profile.  Over 130,00 users joined the app overnight. It is free to download on the app store for iPhone users but is now unavailable in the play store. Hive looks like Instagram, which lets you check the latest featured posts. You can also browse according to your choice. Continue reading to learn more about the Hive app and how to make it work. 

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Hive App Not Working

The hive App may not be working due to several reasons. Some of them include

1. There may be glitches or bugs in the App. 

2. Device may not be compatible with the app

3. You may be using VPN 

4. You might have turned on Low data mode on your phone

5. You haven’t updated the Hive app in a long while

6. Your wifi or data may not be working correctly.

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Why Is Hive Saying Oops Something Went Wrong?

If you receive an in-app notification like, “Oops, something went wrong,” means that you are experiencing network issues. Things you can do for your internet issues

  1. Check Your Phone for stable Wifi or Valid 4G. 

  2. Check that your internet allows you to use the Hive app successfully without any errors. 

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How To Fix Hive Not Connecting Issue?

Here are some of the ideas you can try to fix the issue,

  1. Check For a Stable Internet Connection.

  2. Try Closing and Reopening the Hive app

  3. Wait for sometime

  4. Clear Hive Cache

  5. Disable Battery Saving Mode

  6. Delete and Reinstall the Hive app

  7. Update the hive app to the latest version

  8. Disable VPN

  9. Check the Compatibility of your device with the Hive app

  10. Restart your device

  11. Contact the Hive Support Team

Reference Source – wealthquint

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