How Fandom Would See You If You Were A Fictional Character Quiz

Do you want to figure out “How fandom would see you if you were a fictional character”?

You just need to play a quiz to find it out. The quiz is available on UQUIZ.COM (A hub of quiz tests).

How to play the quiz:

1) Visit this link on your browser – UQUIZ

2) Enter your name in the respective “Enter Your Name” field, then press Start Quiz.

Now, you’ll get a series of 9 questions. The questions include:

  1. “Pick a word.”
  2. “Choose the IRL fandom on this list you spent/spend the most time in (A lot of answers, I know, but it’s the only one like this I promise)”
  3. “This one’s important:What do you do when reading fanficton?”
  4. “Pick a non-human attribute to have”
  5. “Pick a random thing me or one of my friends have said, IRL or on discord”
  6. “You and your friends are in danger. What do you do? Be honest, I don’t judge.”
  7. “Choose a song from my playlist”
  8. “Pick one of my favorite movies”
  9. “Confess your greatest sin, describe your favorite mug to me, or tell me what you had for breakfast.”

Answer all of these selecting an appropriate answer as per your choice. Once you complete it, you will be shown your result at the end.

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