How To Do Weapon Tuning In Mw2? How To Unlock Weapon Tuning In MW2?

What Is Weapon Tuning In MW2?

One of the new features in Modern Warfare 2 is the ability to adjust various attachments to make them more useful for your particular gameplay is called Weapon Tuning.For example, you may modify an M4’s numerous attachments to boost stability, control recoil, speed up ADS, and more.

The Left Slider in MW2 lets you alternate between Recoil Control and ADS Walking Speed using the M4’s barrel as an example. Using the bottom slider, you can select between ADS Speed and Damage Range. Simply, Modern Warfare 2’s weapon tuning feature will let you modify your weapon even more.

How To Access Weapon Tuning Mw2?

In MW2, a brand-new feature called Weapon Tuning enables an unprecedented level of weapon customization. But how can you access it and unlock it? The release of the most recent Call of Duty games brought a brand-new feature. A significant aspect of the Modern Warfare 2 experience is being able to modify your weaponry to your exact specs. Here is how gamers may access weapon tuning in MW2 because it is a feature they will access frequently.

How To Do Weapon Tuning In Mw2?

In MW2, choose a compatible weapon in the Gunsmith, choose any attachment, and then tune it to your desired specifications.

  • You must follow these instructions in order to use Weapon Tuning:

  • Select Multiplayer Loadout under Weapons.

  • Select the weapon you want to track

  • Pick it, then choose Gunsmith.

  • Select Tune after locating the attachment you want to adjust.

  • When you’re in the Weapon Tuning area, move either toggle using the Left Thumbstick (or the mouse on a PC).

  • Depending on the element you raise or reduce, you will notice the centre graph change.

Even though your gun’s statistics will only change a little as you play, you will definitely notice the effects.

How To Unlock Weapon Tuning In MW2?

  • In MW2, weapon tuning was only available once you had used a weapon to its full potential. You won’t have access to weapon tuning until after that, and then only for this particular weapon. Once the M4 has been upgraded to the highest degree, all of its attachments can be changed.

  • This initially appears like a lot of work, but according to our experience, each weapon “only” takes a few hours to complete. Use several weapons rather than concentrating on just one. You may practice using each weapon in Modern Warfare while also levelling them up for the Gold, Platinum, Orion, and Polyatomic Mastery Camos.

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