How To Screen On Youtube Live Stream 2022? Know More Details About How To Share Your Screen On Youtube Live Stream

How To Screen On Youtube Live Stream 2022?

We love to listen to music and watch our favourite movies and blogs for entertainment. Nowadays, we can listen to those favorite songs on Youtube. Many People love to watch entertainment-based and gaming-related videos. But many Youtube users want to knowHow To Screen On Youtube Live Stream 2022 Issue. You can check below there is an accurate description of this issue. Also, the Youtube channel announced its new versions and features, so keep in touch with its official Twitter posts and blog channels for further updates. 

How To Share Screen On Youtube Live?

According to Blog. hootsuite, 

1. Enable live streaming

  1. You have to open your Youtube app in your browser.

  2. You must click on the Create symbol at the app’s top.

  3. After that, click on Go Live.

  4. You have to verify the channel.

  5. You have to wait for live streaming, which is enabled. 

2. Choose a stream type based on your purpose

1. Mobile- First, you must go live stream on your Mobile device. You must have a verified Youtube channel with 1,000 subscribers. Also, this is a good option for vlogging. 

2. Webcam- If you are a social media influencer, you must go live with a computer and a webcam. This is very useful for simple live streams, which don’t require any resources. 

3. Encoder– If someone wants to share the screen in the Livestream, you must use multiple cameras, microphones, and some hardware. You have to choose the encoder option, which is ideal for gaming streams, concerts, business events, podcasts, and other essential presentations. 

3. Choose a title, description, and thumbnail image

1. Create An Eye Catching Title 

The titles can mean the difference between someone clicking on the Livestream and scrolling, which is in the right past. You have to write some exciting titles which accurately describe the video content, which is the correct way of presentation. 

2. Optimize Your Description

The Livestream description should include essential keywords that help it rank higher in the search history. You must add relevant links and information in the description to help the audience.

3. Design a custom Thumbnail

The thumbnail is probably the first thing your audience sees on Livestream. You have to make sure it’s worth that, which is designing a custom thumbnail that captures the essence of the video in an engaging, vibrant manner. 

4. Add Calls To Action

You can add some CTAs to the description of your Youtube video on stream. You can add some CTAs to your description, which is on the stream. You have to visit the website or any social media profiles. 

4. Start livestreaming

  1. First of all, sign in to Youtube in the browser 

  2. Then create an account after that, go live 

  3. Then select webcam from the left. 

  4. You have to select more options. 

  5. Then go to advanced settings for some additional settings 

  6. After that, you have to click on the next to capture

  7. You have to ensure that you selected the right webcam and microphone 

  8. You click on Edit to adjust settings for Privacy, live  chat, and many more

  9. After that, tap on the End stream at the bottom when you’re done live streaming.

What is YouTube Live?

Youtube live is the second most popular Livestream website. Like some regular blogging streaming, gaming streams, and many others. Youtube Live’s users offer content, including music performances, vlogs, cooking classes, makeup tutorials, instructional videos, comedy performances, and many more. Youtube first experimented with live streaming, which was in the late 2000s, including a U2 concert held in 2009 and a Q& A with Barack Obama in 2010. Some officially launched Youtube Live in 2011. The program was initially available to select partners and was used to stream the Olympics and Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space in 2012. 


YouTube is an American video and social media application. This app is available on both Android devices and computer devices. More than 20 Billion people use this application. This application was launched on February 14, 2005, by App developers Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Youtube has become the second most visited search engine. People can learn from many programming languages, history, geography, and other literature-based videos. Some cooking and recipe-making videos and blogs are viral on the Youtube channel. Many podcasts channels and stand-up comedy videos are also available; some instrumental training videos, fitness coaching, make-up tutorials, electronic devices doing reviews, automobiles industry establishment reviews, other social media app issues and fixes, funny roasting videos also, live coaching classes, top exams like CAT, GRE, NEET, JEE and UPSC exam preparation videos, MNC company and government job interviews videos. In the end, every county’s music videos are available on Youtube. 

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