How To Send Scheduled Messages On WhatsApp, Can You Schedule Send A WhatsApp Message?

How To Send Scheduled Messages On WhatsApp

For all the WhatsApp users, here is a new feature you need to know and explore more than WhatsApp has given to benefit the most. If you are a person who knows the basics and wants to know more about Scheduling a message, then read this article to find out How To Send Scheduled Messages On WhatsApp. The steps involved in Scheduling messages on WhatsApp are as follows:

Though WhatsApp has the Scheduling messages option, it doesn’t work most of the time in it. To operate it, you must download certain WhatsApp Scheduler apps and follow specific steps accordingly.

  1. You must go to Playstore and search for ‘SKEDit’ on your smartphone.

  2. Then, you need to download and install ‘SKEDit’ on your phone.

  3. Once you open the App, sign in first.

  4. Then in the options given, select ‘WhatsApp’ in the menu.

  5. After using WhatsApp, provide permission, and then enable the ‘Accessibility’ option and tap the SKEDit option. Then, under the Use Service button, select the Allow button.

  6. Then go back to WhatsApp and select the respected recipient, then add the particular message that you want to be scheduled with the date and time.

  7. After which, select the ‘Ask me before sending’ option On.

  8. Once the tick icon is clicked, your message will be scheduled accordingly.

  9. Finally, before the message is delivered at the scheduled time, a confirmation message will be asked, where you can preview your message if needed.

Can You Schedule Send A WhatsApp Message?

Being an effective WhatsApp user, you might be aware of all the new features given and would benefit from them. But certain features do not work the same as others. One such feature is the Schedule messages feature, which initially, it was available on WhatsApp and currently is not accessible. If you still want to use Schedule messages on WhatsApp, you must install a third-party App to use the schedule messages feature. One of the best first-party apps for scheduling messages is the WhatsApp Message Scheduler App.

Disadvantages Of Scheduled Messages On WhatsApp?

As every easiest technology trick has some kind of disadvantage, it is prevalent in WhatsApp too. Read further to learn about the disadvantage of scheduling messages on WhatsApp and how to be a precaution.

So as WhatsApp has introduced this new feature of scheduling messages per your date and time, a small disadvantage stops most people from using this feature. The disadvantage is none other than at the Scheduled time when a confirmation message is being asked of you. You need to disable your lock screen for that option to for you. If your phone lock is On, then the option ‘Ask me before sending’ will not be that efficient, and many private issues are there if the screen lock is not disabled. So most of them won’t prefer the option of scheduling messages.

What Are Scheduled Messages On WhatsApp?

So as many of the features on WhatsApp have been there for a time period or it is used by least the people, most of the features come and go and then don’t be there at work for a longer period, one such feature is that ‘Scheduled messages’ on WhatsApp. So what do Schedule messages normally do, or for what purpose it is meant to it given here in this article?

Scheduled Messages: If you go by the name itself, you can understand the purpose it is mainly made for scheduling messages per your preferred date and time to a particular recipient. You can even send multiple scheduled messages, and it is not compulsory that it can only be sent to an individual, you can also send Scheduled messages to a group and many individuals. But the sad thing about scheduled messages in WhatsApp is that they have currently stopped that feature. If you are a person who effectively sends scheduled messages, then you can do it with the help of a third-party app to schedule your messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Updates

Among the most-used app lists worldwide, WhatsApp stands in fourth place, which billions of people use to share several images, videos, content and messages they want to share with people they wish wherever they are. So people will wait for the new updates given on their favourite apps. So one such app is WhatsApp, where several new features are given to enhance its user’s efficiency. The new WhatsApp features include:

  • You can react to the messages that you are having in the chat with others. Initially, this feature was not given in WhatsApp. 

  • If you have received voice note messages and don’t have enough time to relax and hear, but you want to hear with the time you get, then there is this speed option given near the voice note, where you can speed up the audio and hear it. The speeds given are 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2.0x.

  • While you are viewing one of your contact’s status and want to react to it, you have that option included recently on WhatsApp, where by clicking on the ‘reply’ option below, six emojis will be displayed for you to react to the story.

  • Earlier, when you were able to WhatsApp web your texts to your desktop, you needed to keep the mobile data or wifi On in your mobile phone, but that is mostly unnecessary. Even if your mobile phone is not connected to the internet, you can still use WhatsApp Web on your PC.

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