How To Share Steam Library With Friends 2022: How To Share Your Steam Library With Family And Friends Gaming Social Steam.

Steam Library

The Steam Library, or simply Library, is the software management interface provided to users when they install the Steam software. The Library stores the user’s software and games obtained through Family Sharing. The Library also allows for the separation of software into categories, as well as the default separation of software into four categories: games, software, virtual reality, and music, as well as the provision of different tools based on the software owned by the user.

How To Share Steam Library With Friends 2022? 

Family Library Sharing allows a single user to authorize up to ten devices simultaneously. In addition, up to five accounts can play games from your game Library on any of these devices. Here’s how to make sharing possible:

  • Sign in to Steam on the computer you want to authorize.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.

  • Go to “Account” and see if Steam Guard is turned on.

  • If not, use Steam to verify your email address.

  • Select the “Family” tab.

  • Tick the box which is next to “Authorize Library Sharing On This Computer.”

  • After you complete these steps and save your settings, other Steam users can access your Library and play your games.

How To Share Games On Stream? 

Step 1: Turn on Steam Guard Security.

  • Before sharing valuable games with your close friends and family, you must enable the Steam Guard Security feature. You can verify that this feature is enabled by performing the following steps:

  • Begin by going to the Steam settings (Steam>Settings). In the Settings window, go to the “Account” tab and look for “Manage Steam Guard Account Security.” Once you’ve found it, click on it. Steam Guard is disabled if the “Turn off” tab is selected. Select one of the options mentioned above.

Step 2: Allow Steam family sharing on your PC

  • After you’ve enabled Steam Guard, the next step is to authorize your family members’ accounts. This step is required to share your chosen games.

  • The next step requires you to log into your Steam account on a family member’s or friend’s PC. After you’ve logged in and answered the Steam security questions, you can proceed to authorize their PC.

  • Select the “Family” tab from the settings window. Locate the “Family Library Sharing” section once inside the Family tab. Select the “Authorize Library Sharing on This Computer” checkbox beneath this section.

  • You will see a list of users who can be authorized at this point.

Step 3: Obtain Access Game sharing

  • Begin by logging into Steam and ensuring that Steam Guard is enabled. Follow the steps outlined above.

  • If the authorization process was successful, you should now see a list of games in your Library that have been added to the shared Steam account. Choose one of the new games and press “Play.”

  • You should be greeted with a pop-up window that looks like this:

  • Steam prompts you to “Request Access” or “Buy the game.” We will request access in this scenario.

  • Steam will ask you to confirm the PC’s name before sending the access request. Confirm the PC’s name and press the “Send Request” button.

By clicking Send Request, you request permission to share the game from the sharing steam account. As the sharer, you must accept the offer through your emails. Once accepted, you have granted that person permission to use and share that game, and the process is complete.

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