How To Undo A Not Interested On Tiktok? Can I Undo Not Interested On Tiktok?

Undo A Not Interested On Tiktok

One of the most irritating things on TikTok is when you suddenly click ‘Not Interested’ on a video you are watching. After all, next to the button to download the video, you would generally do for videos you like. But is there any way to undo or reverse this? This article will help you to cover everything you need to know.

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How To Undo A Not Interested On Tiktok?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any other way to undo it after you click on ‘Not Interested’. However, minimizing and even reversing its impact may be possible. For example, if you know the username and who posted the video, there might be a chance that you liked the video beforehand, and then you can revisit the footage and undo the process. I tested this out for myself; unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

The Not Interested button will only appear on videos on your For You page. So if you click the share button for more options, the Not Interested button isn’t there when viewing videos. TikTok pushes the video away the moment when you click on ‘Not Interested’. There is simply no way to get it back – but might chance, however, can minimize its impact, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

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How To Find Not Interested Videos On Tiktok?

A Recap. The “Not Interested” button tells TikTok that you don’t like a particular kind of content on TikTok. Once you tap the button, TikTok will gradually stop recommending such videos to you. You can undo the effect created by the feature if done accidentally.

Undoing your request is very simple. Right after you’ve clicked on Not Interested, a small section will appear with the ability to undo the actions just taken. Select the Undo button, and things will return to how they were. Of course, if you reload the page before clicking Undo, you’ll lose your chance.

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Can I Undo Not Interested Tiktok?

TikTok buttons tend to be small. Therefore, it’s easy to accidentally like, favorite, or tap the “Not Interested” button on TikTok. Unfortunately, unlike the “Favorite” or “Like” buttons, you cannot directly undo “Not Interested.” Luckily, there are ways to undo it. Let’s look at them individually. Yes, You can Undo the Not Interested video on Tiktok, as I mentioned above, and a few steps to prevent this frustrating thing are as follows below.

Method No 1

You must know the video’s exact title to use this method. So, here is how to undo the “Not Interested” by searching and liking a video. Your likes on TikTok influence the videos TikTok recommends to you. Therefore, TikTok will let you interact with similar videos. The like button will undo the Not Interested effect on videos with similar themes, hashtags, sounds, or captioned keywords. 

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.

  • Tap the search button in the top right corner.

  • Type the title of the video and hit the search button. 

  • On the results list, tap the video. 

  • Click the heart icon to like the video. 

  • The heart will transform from a white to a red heart. 

Method No 2

You can search for the video’s creator. If you can’t remember the exact title of the video, you accidentally marked it “Not Interested.” Doing this will reduce the impact you might have created by unintentionally clicking the Not Interested button. 

  • Open TikTok on your mobile.

  • Tap the search button in the top right corner.

  • Type the creator’s username in the search box. 

  • Tap the creator’s username to access their profile page. 

  • Watch and like a few videos on that page. If you locate the video you accidentally marked “Not Interested,” make sure to like it.

Method No 3

If you need help remembering the creator or the exact video, you can always search and watch videos with similar content. TikTok will add such videos to your For You page if you interact with more of these videos. Also, watch similar videos on the For You page. Don’t skip them, and you can reverse the effect created by the “Not Interested” button. 

The fact that the Not Interested button is incredibly so close to the download button is frustrating. While there’s no way to undo the process entirely, there are a few steps you can take to minimize the button’s impact. By watching and interacting more with the videos you’re interested in, you can be sure your TikTok feed will remain as tailored and personal as possible.

Reference Source: itgeared/jamesmcallisteronline

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