Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant Again 2022? The Meteorologist Has Three Kids With Husband Brian Fichera

Dylan Dreyer

When Dylan Dreyer’s fans find out that she is having her fourth child, they look thrilled, but many of them are curious as to how this rumor started since it appears to be hearsay.

Dylan Marie Dreyer, an American television meteorologist, works for NCB News. She frequently appears on Today during the workweek in addition to contributing as a weather correspondent to shows like Carson Daly and AI Roker.

Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant Again 2022?

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is allegedly expecting her fourth kid. However, she hasn’t discussed it or posted anything about it on social media, so it seems to be a rumor.

She is doing well with her three sons and is not pregnant. She enjoys them so much that she frequently posts pictures of them on social media.

Dreyer miscarried before her second son was born.

In a 2019 interview with Today, Dreyer discussed how she had to put on a brave front for her profession on the show after realizing she had a miscarriage.

Couple Brian Fichera and Dylan Dreyer have three children.

Brian Fichera is the devoted spouse of Dylan Dreyer. The couple gave birth to three children. There are no rumors or speculations about their marriage, and they seem to be very happy together.

The meteorologist announced her second pregnancy Today on July 17, 2019, and Oliver, her second child, was probably born on January 2, 2020. On September 29, 2021, Russell, their most recent kid, was born.

Speaking of Brian, he is Dylan’s partner and an NBC News producer and cameraman.

They met while they were both working the early shift at the Boston television station WHDH, claims Good Housekeeping.

The family lives in the New York area with their three sons. Dylan and Brian got hitched in 2012. Calvin was born to Dylan on December 17, 2016, and she gave birth to him.

How Much Does Dylan Dreyer Make As A Meteorologist For NBC News? 2022 Net Worth Information

Despite earning roughly $2 million a year in salary, Dylan Dreyer has a net worth of about $4 million, according to the sources. She puts in a tonne of effort, which has allowed her to make a nice income.

Her main source of income is her job as a meteorologist. She does, however, engage in other activities as well, such as writing children’s books, making her a writer. On the weekends, she works as a weather anchor for “Weekend Today” and MSNBC.

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