Is Emoni Bates Arrested? What Happened To Emoni Bates? Emoni Bates Charges

Who Is Emoni Bates?

Emoji Bates is an American College Basketball player. He played for the Eastern Michigan Eagles of the Mid -American Conference. Bates was seen as a top player by the analyst since his time at middle school. Bates began playing basketball at the age of three. It is said that he often sleeps with a miniature football under his arm. Bates started his basketball training with his father, a former professional player. By playing basketball, Bates grew from 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. Continue reading the article to find out more about Emoni Bates.

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What Happened To Emoni Bates?

Emoni Bates, the American Basketball Player, was arrested in a traffic area. The police had stopped him from driving his car even though there was a red signal. When the cops stopped him and checked his car, they found some marijuana and a gun. It was shocking for them to see a 15-year-old with marijuana in his car, and the fact that he carried a gun with him shocked them more. The player was immediately arrested by the police and taken into custody. Emoni Bates was also kicked out from his basketball team because of this incident. However, he was let into the team soon after he was released.

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Is Emoni Bates Arrested?

Felony gun charges were filed against the Eastern Michigan men’s basketball player Emoji Bates. Bates’ lawyer, Steve Haney, gave a phone interview on ESPN, stating that his charges are expected to be dropped next week.  Bates was arrested and taken into custody in mid-September on two gun charges. Bates was pulled over on a routine traffic stop after being pulled over by the police. The cops found marijuana and a licensed gun in his hand. They discovered that the serial number under the gun barrel had been removed. He was then taken into custody by the police. However, his lawyer, Steve Haney, states that he would be dropped off his charges. Continue reading the article to learn more about Emoni Bates and his charges.

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Emoni Bates Felony Charges:

Felony charges against Eastern Michigan basketball star Emoni Bates are said to be dropped soon, and the former player has been reinstated to the team. The Eastern Michigan University Department of Athletics notified that the felony charges would be dropped soon. Bates’s attorney, Steve Haney, confirmed to the Free Press that the charges would be dropped in exchange. Bates was charged with two felonies, carrying a concealed weapon and rewriting ID marks. The player had been suspended from the classes and the basketball program since his arrest in September. Bates was arrested for having marijuana in his car and an unlicensed gun.

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When Was Emoni Bates Released?

The Michigan Basketball star Emoni Bates was arraigned Monday; his attorney was released from jail after he was arrested Sunday night on gun charges. Haney stated that Bates was charged with marijuana and for carrying a weapon and obliterating a serial number on a gun. Emoni Bates, who is 6 foot 9 inches, was said to have borrowed the car from someone else and said that he didn’t have a gun with him. 

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Emoni Bates Biography:

Specifications Details
Full name Emoni James Wayne Bates
Nickname Emoni Bates
dob January 28, 2004
born Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Age 15 years old
Marital status Single
Net worth Under review

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