Is Lee Jihan Dead? What Happened To Lee Jihan? How Did Lee Jihan Died? What Was Lee Jihan Cause Of Death And More

Who Is Lee Jihan:

Lee Jihan was an actor under WIDMAY Entertainment. He was also a competitor on Produce 101 Season 2. He was ranked 98 on Episode 5 and was eliminated eventually. Jihan represented Pan Entertainment as a trainee during Produce 101. After the show, he left Pan and signed on with Widmay entertainment. It is said that he has been focusing on his studies since the show. Jihan made his first debut as an actor in the spring of 20119 in the web drama  “ The Butterfly Dream.” On October 30, 2022, news announced that Lee Jihan was declared dead due to the Seoul Halloween crowd crush. Stay tuned to find out more interesting facts about Lee Jihan and the cause of his death. 

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Is Lee Jihan Dead?

Lee Jihan, a Kpop singer and Actor, was one of the victims of the horrific crowd surge that happened in Seoul, Korea. On Sunday, the star’s management companies announced the news. Sources state that more than 150 people were killed in the Itaewon crowd, and 132 people were injured. Many people gathered for Halloween on the streets, and the crowd was so huge that it led to panic and an eventual fatal crowd surge in Itaewon happened. However, officials say that the death toll will rise further. It is also said that according to Yongsan Fire Department, those killed or injured were mostly teenagers or people in their 20s. The Korean Government also announced a national mourning period until November 5. Other kpop music releases and events are also canceled for a while. 

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What Happened To Lee Jihan:

No one would have expected a fun night to turn into tragedy. Hundreds of people died on the streets of Seoul during Halloween due to heavy crowds. People were crushed to death at the location. Itaewon is a famous district that hosts Halloween events all year. October 29, 2022, was the first time Halloween had happened after the lockdown. People started gathering in huge crowds that which led to Panic as they were unable to move or breathe. Lee Jihan was one of the 154 victims that passed away. 935 Entertainment confirmed the news by sharing a statement regarding the star’s death. 

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What Was The Cause Of The Death Of Lee Jihan?

Kpop Singer and Actor Lee Jihan died in the Itaewon stampede on October 29, 2022. Thousands of people gathered on the streets of Itaewon in Seoul to celebrate Halloween. Shortly after a while, people started gathering in huge crowds. People were seen panicking, and there was no control over the crowd. As a result, so many people died due to overpopulated streets, and many were injured. He was 25 at the time of his death. Lee Jihan’s mortuary will be installed in the funeral hall of Myongi Hospital, and the funeral is said to be held on November 1. 

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