Is Luke Goss Still Alive? Know Luke Goss’ Net Worth, Age, Wife, Movies, And More

Who Is Luke Goss?

Luke Damon Goss is a drummer of the 1980s band Bros and an English actor. With his twin brother Matt, Luke Goss rose to stardom in the boy band Bros. He’s 11 minutes Matt’s senior. After the band disbanded, Luke, who is now a resident of Los Angeles, had a successful acting career. He has acted as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, King Xerxes in One Night with the King, Jared Nomak in Blade II, Steve Fox in Tekken, Viktor in Interview with a Hitman, and Red in Traffik, among many other roles.


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Is Luke Goss Still Alive?

The news of Luke Goss’s death circulated quickly earlier this month, shocking people all across the world. As soon as they learned of the talented actor’s passing, many fans expressed their condolences on the Facebook page. Despite the fact that Luke Goss’s passing would have made headlines on all networks, some people assumed the news was a hoax because no major American network had covered it. Luke Goss is luckily still alive and well.

Luke Goss Net Worth

Luke Goss has a $16 million net worth as of 2022, according to wikilogy. He worked with Band of Thieves when Bros split up in the 1990s. I Owe You Nothing, his autobiography, was subsequently published. There were three additional printings of the top 10 best-selling books. In recognition of his performance in the zombie-vampire movie The Dead Undead, he received the Ultimate Badass Award at the PollyGrind Film Festival.

Luke Goss Wife

In 1994, Luke married Shirley Lewis. Shirley is a very popular backup vocalist who has worked with artists like Luther Vandross, George Michael, and Elton John, to mention a few. Sadly, Luke disclosed in 2020 that they had discreetly divorced in 2017 after 33 years of marriage. Luke doesn’t have any biological children. Carli, the daughter Shirley had from a prior relationship, was raised by him as a stepdaughter during his marriage to Shirley. 

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Luke Goss Age

Luke Goss, the son of Carol and Alan Goss, was born on September 29, 1968, in Lewisham, London. Currently, Luke is 54 years old. In Camberley, Surrey, Luke and his identical twin brother Matt formed the company Bros. The two brothers, together with Craig Logan, whom they met at Collingwood School, formed the band. With the help of the hits When Will I Be Famous and I Owe You Nothing, they achieved chart success. Logan left the group in 1989, and the twins carried on until they, too, decided to call it to quit in 1992.

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Luke Goss Movies

S.No Name Of The Movie
1 The Stretch
2 Two Days, Nine Lives
3 Blade II
4 ZigZag
5 Nine-Tenths
6 Frankenstein
7 Charlie
8 Silver Hawk
9 The Man
10 Private Moments
11 Cold & Dark
12 One Night with the King
13 Something in the Clearing
14 Mercenary for Justice
15 13 Graves
16 Bone Dry
17 Shanghai Baby
18 Unearthed
19 Hellboy II: The Golden Army
20 Deep Winter
21 Fringe
22 Annihilation Earth
23 Tekken
24 Witchville
25 The Dead Undead
26 El Dorado
27 Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
28 Death Race 2
29 Seven Below
30 Pressed
31 Blood Out
32 Inside
33 Interview with a Hitman
34 Death Race 3: Inferno
35 Red Widow
36 Dead Drop
37 Lost Time
38 War Pigs
39 AWOL72
40 The Night Crew
41 Operator
42 Killing Salazar
43 Crossing Point
44 Mississippi Murder
45 Your Move
46 Extracurricular
47 Traffik
48 Bros: After The Screaming Stops
49 The Last Boy
50 The Hard Way
51 Hollow Point
52 Legacy
53 Paydirt
54 The Loss Adjuster
55 R.I.A.

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