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Is New World Server Down?

Amazon Games Studios’ ambitious foray into the MMO market with 2021’s New World received mixed reactions upon release; however, a consistent player base and consistent content updates keep the game alive. Connectivity issues are unavoidable in any always-online game, especially an MMO with dozens of servers. Patch updates, emergency maintenance, and server outages can leave eager players scratching their heads for several minutes to hours at the login screen. If you’re having trouble logging in, keep reading to find out if New World is down and how to check server status.

As with any MMO, the server status of New World may occasionally go down due to scheduled maintenance or a backend issue. New World’s player base has shrunk slightly since its launch last September. Despite this, there is a lot of content to enjoy in the game with friends, and the last thing players want is for their adventure to be ruined by connection issues. Fortunately, our New World server status hub contains information on upcoming maintenance, developer news, and server errors.

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New World Server Maintenance

There is currently no planned New World maintenance for the remainder of the week. The most recent game maintenance occurred on June 21, 2022, and included general fixes to items and loot. There aren’t a lot of outages being reported on Downdetector as of September 27, 2022, around 3:40 PM PT. If you’re having trouble connecting to New World servers right now, it could be a one-off problem on your end. Have you tried turning it on and off?

New World Server Status

Fortunately, several online resources are available to check if New World servers are down or if there is a specific issue on your end. If you’re having trouble connecting, try these sites:


Downdetector is the go-to website for most online games’ server status. The site collects and analyses user-reported data to provide a reliable source for a game’s connectivity status. Check this site to see if any other New World players are having problems.

New World Official Twitter

The New World Official Twitter page may have the most up-to-date information on server status, but you may not find your answer unless it’s a major, widespread problem. However, if there is scheduled maintenance or widespread server outages, the latest news from the developers will be posted here.

New World Support Page

Amazon’s Official New World Support page may also assist you in troubleshooting connectivity issues, as well as technical and general issues. If New World’s servers are up and running for everyone else but you, you can try submitting a support ticket for assistance.

New World Queue Times

New World has exploded in popularity in a very short period of time. This is evident in the large number of players attempting to enter the game but being held up in long lines. Yes, the servers are overburdened, and Amazon is already working to increase server capacity.

Amazon has now added new worlds to allow more players to enjoy the game, but the queue time for new worlds has increased due to increased popularity. Thousands of players are lining up for the open world, and this number is expected to grow as the game’s popularity grows. If you try to log in right now, you may have to wait for several hours. Even if you do get in, you may be kicked out and relegated to a long line. Many players are experimenting with new strategies to stay in the game. They are attempting to break through the wall in order to remain on the server because if you remain idle for too long, you will be kicked out. If this occurs, you must rejoin the long queue.

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