Is Janelle Kelly Missing? Missing Update, Know Her Age & Wiki

Janelle Kelly isn’t really missing yet rather was a satire drama on the well-known snide show Today Now by The Onion. The show includes a meeting with two dearest companions of the probably missing youngster.

While her two best friends start the talk show sobbing as one of their best friends is missing, the show derails into information not so important regarding the missing case but gossip from school and community.

Missing Update: Is She Found?

Missing Sacramento teen Janelle Kelly is not found as of 2022 as there is no information about her findings yet.

But hold on, she did not go missing in the first place to be found later. The whole Janelle Kelly missing was a part of the comedy show Today Now.

The Onion show features supposedly missing Kelly’s two best friends, Megan Cleary and Katie Clements, who are supposed to plea to the public through the show to help find their missing friend.

At the beginning of the show, Megan and Katie were seen sobbing in remembrance of their friend but things take quite an unexpected turn after they start discussing a fellow classmate who is suspected pregnant because she has started wearing sweaters.

Megan suddenly remembers Kelly calling her while she was busy watching a movie. Megan told Kelly to call her later as she was busy at the time but forgot to mention the information to other search parties or the police because she got wasted from margaritas afterward. Kelly mentioned being driven to Salina by a dude.

Age & Wiki

As of February 2022, Janelle is 22 years old.

She was mentioned to be 17 years old when the show aired back on May 17, 2011. 

There is no information about her exact date and year of birth in the internet.


Janelle Kelly’s parents were not together at the time of her disappearance.

As the two girls mentioned, Kelly’s father was living with his girlfriend and daughter when Kelly went missing.

However, the host of the show managed to get hold of Janelle’s mother and was brought to the show the previous day. They did not mention anything further about the mother.

Megan and Katie started to gossip about Kelly’s father’s girlfriend who was 5 years older than him.

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