Jason Weaver Net Worth 2022: Age, Family, Career & More

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Who is Jason Weaver?

American actor and musician Jason Weaver, who was born on July 18, 1979, has a net worth of $4 million. Weaver began acting at the young age of 11 and is most recognized for playing characters in TV shows like “TvSmart Guy” and “The Jacksons: An American Dream.”

He is well recognized for providing the singing voice of young Simba in the 1994 Walt Disney Feature Animation film “The Lion King.” He contributed to the 2004 hit song “One Call Away” by Chingy, which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Weaver’s early career success came from his exposure to music and his wide variety of talents, which helped him become a successful actor and businessman. He has had success in the music business in addition to acting. We will discuss Jason Weaver’s net worth, his possessions, and his profession in this article.

What is Jason Weaver’s Net Worth in 2022?

Jason Weaver’s net worth is projected to reach $4 million as of 2022. He made more than $2 million a year from his acting and singing activities, which is how he amassed his wealth. In “The Lion King,” which came out in 1994, Weaver played a big part. Despite having a $45 million budget, the movie made nearly $980 million worldwide.

The Lion King had the fourth-highest opening weekend ever, earning $40.9 million, and went on to make over $760 million throughout its theatrical run.

Early Life and Career

Robert Lincoln Weaver and Marilyn “Kitty” Haywood welcomed Jason Michael Weaver into the world on July 18, 1979. The Chicago-based female vocal trio Kitty & the Haywoods, which worked with the late Aretha Franklin on the soundtrack album for the 1970 film Sparkle, included his mother as a significant contributor.

Weaver was entirely reared by his mother, with little or no involvement from his father. Throughout his childhood, his mother encouraged him to pursue performing and singing. His mother relocated him to Thornwood High School in South Holland, Illinois after he attended Illiana Christian High School in Lansing, Illinois.

Jason’s career began. He made one of his earliest acting performances in the 1990 television episode of Brewster Place, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Weaver voiced Simba in 1994’s The Lion King and Ollie the Squirrel in Nubbin & Friends in addition to playing the infant Michael Jackson in the 1992 film The Jacksons: An American Dream.

He also portrayed the principal characters in the television comedy Smart Guy and Thea. Initially appearing with Nick Cannon in the film Drumline in 2002. She later played parts in the 2004 film The Ladykillers and the 2006 film ATL. In the 2011 film He’s Mine, Not Yours, he co-starred.

In addition to 1990 The Long Walk Home, he has also appeared in the movies The Kid Who Loved Christmas Ernie, Summertime Switch, Freedom Song, Love For Sale, Grown Man, Lottery Ticket, Dysfunctional, Hope for Love, Marry Me for Christmas, Infidelity, Merry Ex-Mas, Another Man Will, BlacKorea, and AM Radio.

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