Josh Guimond Disappearance: What Happened To Josh Guimond? Unsolved Mysteries

Josh Guimond Disappearance

Usually, finding a person who has been lost in a crowd is quite a difficult task. Then how will it be easy for the higher officials to find a person who was lost 20 years back, now without any hint of clue or evidence, which would be one of the most challenging duties for the police officers to find a solution for it? If the situation were someone had kidnapped the person, we would make instinct that someone closer to the particular person would have done it in sure personal vengeance. But in the case of Josh Guimond, there is no way to find a clue as to how he suddenly disappeared after attending an occasion. So people who were previously known are aware of Josh Guimond’s disappearance and are keen on knowing the backstory behind it, then read the article thoroughly to find out the whole incident behind Josh Guimond’s disappearance.

What Happened To Josh Guimond?

Here is the detailed incident that took place on the day when Josh Guimond got disappeared. According to the Cosmopolitan website, Josh Guimond attended his friend’s party in the room on November 9, 2002. Josh left the party at about 11:45 p.m. It would have taken only three minutes to go home. Despite this, Josh never reached his room that night. At the time of his disappearance, he was not carrying his car keys or spectacles. When checked with his Credit card history, it was not under use. Josh’s friend suspected something wrong would have happened to him and approached the pre-law society meeting the next day and addressed campus security. Josh Guimond’s disappearance led the investigators to many assumptions. The first one was his body would be discovered in Stumpf Lake on the university grounds, but it was not found in the lake. Yet, another observation was that Josh would have been kidnapped, given the high number of other college-aged men who were kidnapped months before Josh’s disappearance.

Josh Guimond Unsolved Mysteries

When this case was discussed in the recently released Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries, another observation was portrayed in the series. According to the information gathered from the Radiotimes website, the most recent episode broadcasted on Unsolved Mysteries, Josh used to talk with many men online through different apps and he might have met one of them at the night he disappeared, on his Yahoo personal account. Josh Newville claims that earlier this year, it was discovered that music had been playing erratically on Josh’s PC on the night he disappeared. Several songs were skipped, indicating that someone was physically playing the music on his computer. Stearns County Sheriff’s Office detectives have just made public images of 28 unidentified men they would like to speak to concerning the case after looking into his computer.

Who was Josh Guimond?

Josh Guimond, a student, was 20 years old. His fiancée Katie Benson and he were both students at St. John’s University in Minnesota, but they had split up a few months before his disappearance. Josh and Katie first crossed paths in high school, where Josh served as class president and was selected by his peers as the student with the most excellent chance of success. As of now, this much information is only available about Josh Guimond. Further details about Josh Guimond will be updated on our website.


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