Who Is Karine Elharrar – Know Her Age, Wiki & More Minister With Muscular Dystrophy Disability

Karine Elharrar

Karine Elharrar is a female politician from Isreal. Currently, she is the Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources.

As well, the Israeli Minister is making headlines in today’s magazines. Karine was unable to attend the UN’s climate summit, which is also known as COP26, due to wheelchair inaccessibility, said Israel TV broadcaster.

Even so, Karine stated that the only way to get to the conference grounds was either walking or boarding a shuttle. Whatsoever, the UK COP26 apologized to the Israeli minister, Karine, for wheelchair access problems. The organizers must indeed have made some entering arrangements. It’s disappointing that the UN’s Climate summit has access to enter for the capable people only.

Age & Wiki

Karine has achieved success in politics because of the love and support of her family.

Karine Elharrar was born on the 9th of October 1977 in Israel. As of November 2021, her age is 44 years.

According to Karine’s Wikipedia page, her parents were Moroccan Jewish immigrants. She is the daughter of Moti and Colette Elharrar. Her mom and dad are proud of Karine.

Meet Her Partner/Husband

Karine is a married woman. Her husband or partner’s name is Yaron. She is blessed with two children.

Moreover, Karine resides with her family in Rishon LeZion.

The blog of Karine Elharrar is available in the Times of Israel. She began her career as a lawyer and struggled a lot.

Throughout Karine’s career in the Knesset, she specialized in the rights of Holocaust survivors, pensioners, people with disabilities.

In fact, she is a woman with a golden heart.

Minister With Muscular Dystrophy Disability

Though Karine has a disability of Muscular Dystrophy, she is famous in the political world. She is well-known globally, in the US and UK too.

Karine has been an inspiration for many disabled people. If you believe in yourself and have the mindset to conquer the world, you can win anything. The world will be at the tip of your finger.

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