Alissa Smart, a Kia Challenge TikTok victim, Shares Why You Should Report This Trend & How Dangerous It Is

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What is Kia Challenge in TikTok?

Millions of people have been interested in the Kia Challenge, a recent trend that has entered the list of bizarre TikTok phenomena. The idea is classified as risky, nevertheless. Let’s research the trend.

The TikTok community is full of drama and entertainment. Many content producers duet each other in videos with their own viewpoints, participating in dramatic drama. Fans, however, like the drama greatly.

The video-sharing software is the source of trend-driven entertainment. On the platform, a video becomes viral, inspiring other producers to post similar videos with their own personal flair, starting a trend.

Kia Challenge has been at the top of the list of the most popular trends as of late. However, concerns have been raised regarding the trend’s potential for harm.

What is the Kia Challenge TikTok & Who is Alissa Smart?

The Kia challenge cost Alissa Smart hundreds of dollars in auto repairs as a result of her failure. On July 16, the native of Indiana discovered her automobile in a problematic location.

She believed a group of adolescents to be the perpetrators of the incident. The most recent addition to TikTok is the Kia Challenge, in which users attempt to start a Kia automobile with only a USB cord.

The fad is all about demonstrating to onlookers that a car key is not required to start the engine. The video soon gained attention when a few people showed how to start a Kia car’s engine with simply a USB connection.

People confessed to taking on this challenge and succeeding in the trend’s comment area. The most recent casualty of the pattern is Alissa Smart.

Although Alissa’s car was not taken, a number of her belongings, including car seats and diaper bags, were gone. She, like many others, is speaking out against the fad and wants it to be stopped.

How Can You Report A Kia Challenge? The New Dangerous TikTok Trend

The choices in the video may be used to quickly report on the Kia Challenge. A report option appears on the lower part of the screen after selecting the share option.

Simply clicking it would bring up a series of inquiries on why the video should be reported. The trend can be reported to the platform since it has been deemed hazardous.

In addition, internet users have urged TikTok to take down all of the trend-related videos. Report any footage of the challenge you find on social media in order to protect the safety of the general public and their entities.

TikTok is a fun site, but despite the dangers of trends and obstacles, people frequently follow them.

Social Media Reaction To Kia Challenge TikTok Trend

Teenagers and young adults in this age bracket have taken a huge liking to the fad. Everyone is eager to demonstrate their wit by demonstrating their ability to start an automobile without a key.

It is one of the most popular research subjects on social media. Concern over illegal behavior occurring under the guise of a trend is being expressed by Twitter users. Alissa, an inhabitant of Indiana, has been the victim.

Teenagers who are accused of breaking into her automobile did so while under the influence of a TikTok challenge. She has vowed to buck the trend because she is unable to fix her damaged automobile.

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