Who Is Lalo Gone Brazy? Know More About The TikTok Star

Lalo Gone Brazy is a viral guy from TikTok. He is currently trending on social media with his hilarious yet honest renditions of songs. He usually sings Spanish songs where he produces sound effects by his mouth (commonly known as beatboxing).

The viral Tiktoker’s different versions of the same song and the repeated posts have been a topic of fun and sometimes mockery by the commenters. He produces the sound of the trumpet as well as gun sounds on his cover songs.

Lalo Gone Brazy Wiki Bio

Lalo Gone Brazy is a famous Tiktoker who has made headlines recently with his videos where he sings songs and produces other sound effects by his mouth. He came to prominence following videos of him showing money while singing the song, Sleazy Flow.

The guy has made numerous videos with the same content where he sings lyrics to songs showing his money. Usually, the total amount of money shown is not much, which some users commented on the videos. In some videos, Lalo shows some dollars and a couple of pennies.

In previous videos posted a couple of years ago, Lalo revealed that he was homeless and found it hard to survive on his own. During the covid-19 pandemic, he did not have any job and it was very difficult for him to sustain his livelihood.

What Is His Real Name?

The real name of the viral Tiktoker, Lalo Gone Brazy is Nalgon. He is of Mexican origin and usually sings songs in Spanish.

Nalgon has been famous for singing Spanish songs with his own lyrics and sound effects. His famous trumpet sound at the beginning of most of his songs has been widely praised by the viewers.

Though he used to post videos on Tiktok as early as 2020, the Tiktoker recently came to prominence after his videos where he shows some money while lip-syncing to the song Sleazy Flow by SleazyWorld Go.

Lalo Gone Brazy TikTok

There are multiple accounts with the name Lalo Gone Brazy on them, many of which just repost the videos he originally posts. Currently, Nalgon uses the account, @lalogonebrazzy480.

The account, which was created in April 2022, is one of the fastest-rising accounts on Tiktok. It already has 575K followers and 20 million likes.

Previously, Lalo had his accounts banned many times. His original account from 2020 says that he is a homeless guy who is 20 years old, which makes him currently 22 years old.

Was Lalo Gone Brazy Arrested?

There is nothing mentioning the arrest of the famous Tiktoker, Lalo Gone Brazy. He has posted videos on his Tiktok as recently as June 15.

So, it does not seem that Nalgon is arrested. The rumor of him being arrested does not carry any truth. He has previously been brushing with the law a couple of times, but as of now, he is not in police custody.

The Tiktoker’s use of pistol sound from his mouth might offend some people, but he has made it clear that it is only for entertainment purposes and does not promote violence and gun crimes.

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