Obituary: Larry Chachko Car Accident At Crown Rally Claims The Life Of Racer

Larry Chachko

Larry Chachko, the founder of the automobile company Black Star, died unexpectedly in a car accident in Norwood. He was rallying for Crown Rally West, which began on Wednesday at the time of the collision.

We sent our heartfelt sympathies to his wife, Camilla, and their two young children. May God provide them the strength to face the grief of bereavement.

Car Accident At Crown Rally Claims The Life Of Racer

Larry Chachko died in a car accident at Crown Rally when their car went off the road 15 miles west of Norwood. He was participating in the Crown Rally West, which began in downtown Denver on Wednesday morning.

The rally was meant to finish with a private track race at Spring Mountain Motor Resort on Sunday, unfortunately, two rally members were killed at the site of the accident.

Following a high-speed collision that killed two event participants on Thursday, a rural Colorado sheriff blasted a sports car rally for endangering his county’s people.

While expressing his sympathies to the families and friends of the two individuals killed, San Miguel Sheriff Bill Masters stated on social media that the collision “was an avoidable incident.”

“And I despise what amounts to reckless and purposeful disdain for our county’s citizens. They had the potential to murder an innocent driver. Crown Rally should reconsider what they’re doing on the roads.”

The sheriff’s office originally blocked Highway 141 at 3 p.m. Thursday.

Crown Rally West left Denver early Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post by the organization. In clouds of multicolored smoke, dozens of automobiles paraded along 14th Avenue towards the State Capitol.

Crown Rally West is a five-day journey with overnight breaks scheduled at Beaver Creek, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas.

Crown Rally is a driving and navigational event that brings together vehicle enthusiasts. Hundreds of sports, luxury, and exotic automobiles will #rally4acause in three of the country’s most unusual lifestyle driving events in 2022.

How Did He Die?

Larry Chachko’s death was the result of a traffic collision at Norwood. The sheriff stated the car was driving at least 140 mph when it was off the road 15 miles west of Norwood.

It leaped a fence and rolled around a few times throwing the driver out.

The victims were identified as males who were 43 and 38 years old and from Illinois. They were riding in a high-performance sports vehicle with a “Crown Rally” automobile enthusiast club on Highway 141 approximately 15 miles west of Norwood.

The sheriff stated that it was one of the most horrible traffic incidents ever documented.

One of the victims was the founder of Black star, which provide services in the automobile sector across numerous disciplines. Chachko established Body Works to focus on enhancing all elements of his clients’ automobiles.

He pioneered engine swaps, forced induction, and full body kits. Likewise, he has received several award-winning Hot Import Nights and other display vehicle builds.

You can follow him on Instagram to explore his awesome work. They assist with the creation of your ideal vehicle, from off-road vehicles to twin-turbo exotics and everything in between.

He has also designed Rolls Royce for American fashion designer Virgil Abloh.


Larry Chachko was married to his wife Camilla Chachko and lived together with their two kids. Unfortunately, they are presently grieving Larry’s untimely death.

He was quite close to both his son and his daughter, Mia Chachko. The family was recently in Dubai. Who would have guessed that it would be his final voyage on Earth with his cherished companion?

The entrepreneur was born into the industry and worked in a variety of capacities in family-owned and run businesses to develop a varied skill set.

Owning and managing Collision Repair Shops, Mechanical Shops, and Used Car Sales were among the numerous positions.

With his knowledge and ambitions rising, he established Body Works to focus on enhancing all elements of his clients’ automobiles.

Eventually, he desired to expand into exotic manufacturing and customization. Auto Art grew to become one of the Midwest’s largest exotic tuner and customizing businesses.

In 2018, he formed Blackstar with a fresh group of top-tier industry experts.

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