Lauren Boebert Arrested, Who Is Lauren Boebert? Everything About Lauren Boebert Arrest

Who Is Lauren Boebert?

Lauren Boebert is a well-known American politician, gun rights activist, and businesswoman. She is a also member of the Republican Party and serves as the U.S. representative for Colorado’s third congressional district. Lauren is well-known for her gun rights advocacy, particularly after a conflict with Beto O’Rourke over the policy on semi-automatic rifles. Lauren launched a campaign for Colorado’s third congressional district in the election in 2020. Scroll down to know Why was Lauren Boebert arrested.

Why was Lauren Boebert Arrested?

Lauren has been arrested three times and was called to appear in court an additional time for petty crimes, according to Distractify. Her 1st interaction with law enforcement arrived in 2010 when she was 23, and a neighbor claimed that Lauren was harassing her and her husband. Scroll down to know further details.

Lauren Boebert Has Been Arrested

The neighbor claimed that Lauren let her pit bulls roam loose, endangering the life of her dogs. As a result, Lauren was issued a ticket for dog code violations, and then she started harassing her neighbor. She was given a court summons by deputies but was not charged with harassment. Lauren was also arrested twice in 2015. Scroll down to know the entire story.

Lauren Boebert Arrest

Lauren was arrested twice in 2015. The first came when Lauren had a verbal altercation with a police officer at a music festival.

The second came after she failed to come to court many times to deal with her earlier charge. A month later, Lauren was arrested for failure to appear and her original disorderly conduct charge was dismissed.

Lauren Boebert Twitter

Lauren is active on Twitter. In 2016, failure to appear resulted in another arrest after Lauren was supposed to appear in court to answer charges that she had been driving after her truck wound up in a ditch.

Lauren was incarcerated for about 100 minutes before she posted bond. She finally pleaded guilty to an unsafe vehicle charge and the careless driving charge was dropped. Here is a Twitter post of Lauren.


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