What Was Mark Gil’s Cause Of Death?

Mark Gil Cause of Death: Mark Gil is a Filipino actor. He was frequently cast as the main villain in action films. On September 1st, 2014, he died at the age of 53. This blog contains information about Mark Gil’s age, wife, children, parents, net worth, family, ethnicity, nationality, and other personal details.

Mark Gil’s Childhood

Mark Gil was born on September 25, 1961, in Manila, Philippines. He died on September 1, 2014, at the age of 53. Raphael John “Ralph” Gil Eigenmann’s screen identity, Mark Gil, was more well-known. In the drama-suspense thriller The Elsa Castillo Story, he played Lorna Tolentino’s former American boss-lover-killer.

Death of Mark Gil

Mark died on September 1, 2014, at the age of 52. He died as a result of cirrhosis caused by liver cancer. Mark died just 24 days before his 53rd birthday.


Rony Rogoff, a musician, was married and had two children with Cherie Gil. The actress died before her husband and children. Raphael and Bianca are the children of Cherie and Rony, who have been married for a long time. In addition to them, the mother had Jeremiah David, a child from a previous relationship.

Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, her parents, welcomed her into the world. They were both former Filipino singers and actors. She grew up in the same family as her famous actor siblings, Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa.

Cherie’s eldest son maintains contact with his two younger siblings, both of whom are now US citizens, while working as an audio engineer in New York. Bianca graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama in 2019. (NYU). Raphael also has a degree from New York University. In 2020, he graduated from college.

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