Are Melissa Cohen & Hunter Biden Planning To Get Divorced? Couple Is Under Strain Because To Scandals And Inquiries


Insiders claim that Melissa Cohen and Hunter Biden’s marriage may be under stress. Possibly not helping the marriage at the moment is the FBI investigation into President Joe Biden’s son. According to individuals close to Hunter, he and his wife “are upset since they are on lockdown.” According to Cohen’s remarks to her friends, life with Hunter is ‘difficult.’

Hunter, 52, and Melissa, 35, have been living with their child Beau in their three-bedroom, $ 20,000-per-month rental home in Little Rock, Malibu. There is also a space for his studio. They have spent most of their time at home, with the exception of trips to the White House for family events. On rare occasions, Cohen travels with the Secret Service. In an effort to keep an eye on Hunter, the Secret Service has paid the taxpayers $30,000 per month to have a larger, more lavish Malibu estate watch over their property.

Hunter and Cohen got married in Los Angeles on May 16, 2019. The pair apparently didn’t know one another for very long before getting married, according to The Sun. The month before their wedding, the two reportedly first met.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, his wife Melissa Cohen, and their son Beau depart the White House on March 26, 2021, in Washington, DC. Biden is flying with his father to Wilmington, Delaware to spend the weekend there.

In a prior interview with ABC News, Hunter remarked, “I fell in love with her immediately away. And every day after then, I’ve come to love her even more. Cohen reportedly has a joint financial interest in Tribal Worlds, a company that “promotes indigenous conservation.” According to reports, she is also a documentary filmmaker. She had previously criticized former President Donald Trump and backed the Obama administration before she met Hunter.

In regards to Hunter and Cohen, the source is now quoted as stating, “She was swept off her feet by him. She imagined that her marriage to a prince from a distinguished American family would be blissful. However, in reality, he’s a disaster, and living with him is quite challenging when you’re alone yourself. She didn’t know what she was walking into, yet there is still love there since she still cares for her son. She can only focus on him at this time, according to the source.

Hunter is the focus of a federal investigation that is in a “critical stage,” according to recent sources. He might face charges for violating tax or international lobbying regulations, according to Fox News. Under the supervision of Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, a prosecutor Donald Trump chose, investigators have been looking into Hunter’s money and overseas business operations.

Hunter previously wed Kathleen Buhle in 1993. The couple separated in 2015 and then divorced in 2017. They have three children together with names Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. In 2016, Hunter began dating Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s sister-in-law. The two later drifted apart.

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