Missing: Jarrod Johnston, Has He Been Found? Dead or Alive? Parents & More

Jarrod Johnston

Jarrod Johnston is described as outgoing, spontaneous, and having the most infectious laugh by his friend and family. He loved music, especially the guitar. His passions also included theater and poetry.

Jarrod Johnston had traveled to Yazoo County, Mississippi, in 2007 for what he thought would be a summer filled with activities. But just days into the trip, the teenager vanished without a trace. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: At the Crossroads’ reveals how Jarrod walked away from a relative’s house only to never be seen again. The show focuses on the efforts the family and authorities undertook to look for Jarrod.

He disappeared after walking off from his grandmother’s house following a heated argument. He never returned home and has not been heard from since.

Family & More

Jarrod Johnston was born on the 21st of August 1998 in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

When he was growing up, he split time between his dad, Steve, and his biological mom. His dad remarried a woman named Lisa in 2003, and Jarrod became a big brother to Lisa’s kids.

Jarrod’s dad, Lisa and his sister, Brittany, were interviewed in this episode, and they all said Jarrod was insanely smart and kind. Brittany also said that Jarrod was a very protective older brother and that he loved to spend time with his family.

Has Jarrod Johnston Been Found?

Sadly Jarrod Johnstot is not yet been found.

Throughout Jarrod’s investigation, there would be several different investigators put on and removed from the case. One of the detectives was Det. Dennis Moulder. He told Jarrod’s parents that there wasn’t much they could do because there was no sign of foul play, and because Jarrod was 18.

Steve and Lisa were pissed, and so they decided to do their own investigation. They made missing persons flyers, and put out information on missing persons sites.

In February 2008, Jarrod’s parents received emails from someone saying if you don’t do what we say, or give us $50,000, we’ll kill your son. They contacted a local FBI agency, and the agency did some digging. The emails turned out to be a hoax, and were coming from overseas. The Johnston’s were heartbroken once again, and had to go back to square one.

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