Mize Allegations, What Happened To Mize?

Mize Allegations

Mize, a semi-popular dubstep DJ and producer, is currently having his rights read to him by former friends and followers on Twitter after @emdelhoops made claims of sexual assault against him. She claims in her caption and statement that Mize filed a cease-and-desist lawsuit against her before she revealed her story. 

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She added, “But once I started falling asleep Ian kept moving my hand to touch his dick and I would move it away and this kept happening. The next day I confronted him via text about what the fuck was going on that night and he just played it off and said he was confused.”

@emdelhoops was motivated to share her encounter after receiving a cease and desist to “quiet anything I had to say before I had a chance to speak on my experience.”

GRiZ removed Mize from the lineup of Another World an hour after the news broke, stating, “Won’t tolerate sexual abuse allegations. Blindsided by the news. My heart goes out to the victims, who never deserved to be treated that way.”

The elimination of Space Wizard’s collaborations with Mize began around the same time, and any residual profits were donated to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

Mize Sexual Assault

Mize, a bass music musician, has been banned from lineups and barred from collaborations due to the allegations of sexual assault.

A few years ago, charges of sexual assault and misbehaviour against artists like Bassnectar, Space Jesus, and others shocked the community. Recently, additional allegations have appeared in the scene. After Twitter user @emdelhoops shared her account of the events that occurred this past summer, Mize was the latest to receive accusations last night.

These accusations come close to a year after earlier ones were made public in a Reddit thread that was published in the latter part of last year. In December 2021, Reddit member u/ElenoreGillispie published three postings in the r/Dubstep, r/Anxiety, and r/Rape communities discussing her encounter with Mize following his performance in Charlotte, North Carolina. The r/Dubstep thread featuring screenshots of their text exchanges and pictures of her black eye has subsequently been taken down, leaving only the screenshots.

What Happened To Mize?


Image Source: Twitter

As a result of these allegations, artists have stopped working with Mize, and he has been taken off lineups.

Mize and Space Wizard collaborated on two tunes, and Space Wizard promptly tweeted that his collaborations with Mize had been removed and that any residual revenues would be donated to RAINN. All of Mize’s songs from WAKAAN and SSKWAN, as well as his collaboration with Super Future, have also been taken off from SoundCloud.

Mize has also been removed from a number of starting lines. GRiZ announced on social media that he has been dropped off the roster for the upcoming Another World event, which is scheduled to happen during the course of the Halloween holiday. Additionally, Mize has been removed from the next WAKAAN presentation scheduled for November by Liquid Stranger, who also announced that he will have “additional info on the lineup change in the coming days.”

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