Modern Warfare 2 Not Launching, How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Not Launching?

Modern Warfare 2 Game Info

A first-person shooter game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was created by Infinity Ward and released by Activision in 2009. On November 10, 2009, it was made available globally for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. On the same day, Modern Warfare: Mobilized, a different version for the Nintendo DS, was also launched.

The video game’s campaign follows Task Force 141, a multinational special forces group led by Captain Soap MacTavish, as they pursue Vladimir Makarov, the head of the Russian Ultranationalist party, and 1st Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment U.S. Army Rangers who are defending the Washington, D.C. region from a Russian invasion.


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Modern Warfare 2 Not Launching

Modern Warfare 2 is a game that is newly loved by gamers. After all, a game is set to boost indescribable happiness for the gamer. Sadly, the game is now having issues with its loading, and many gamers have reported this game is not working for them. However, the solution for Modern Warfare 2 Not launching is finally here. If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry; we have covered the possible fix in the upcoming passages, have a good read.

How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Not Launching?

Check For Connectivity Errors

To play Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, the players much be connected to a better internet connection. If the connection is wireless, then check if the connection is stable or not. 

  • Head to the Xbox settings.

  • Now select ‘General,’ which is present in the panel.

  • Proceed to select ‘Test network connection.’

Access The Download Packs

  • Head to the Xbox store.

  • Now search for Modern Warfare 2 and tap on the ‘owned’ version.

  • Now, select ‘Manage,’ and you can notice that there are multiple packs; you can download the pack as per your choice.

  • You are required to download the base game pack, which is 37.4 GB.

  • Now choose the “Campaign” pack, and this will add 17 GB to your download.

  • As the last step, select all the ‘Add-on’ content packs at the bottom of the list, which is around 10 MB.

Try Restarting The Console

A few issues can be resolved if you restart your console. The Users are required to restart the Xbox device till the game fully launches.

Try Re-Installing The Game

  • Head to ‘My games & apps and select Modern Warfare 2 icon

  • Now press the Menu button from your Xbox controller and tap on Uninstall.

  • Now, this will uninstall all the previously installed packs.

Users can uninstall the specific packs and re-download them as well. In order to re-download, you need to select ‘Manage game and add-ons’ instead of choosing ‘uninstall.’ Now choose the main game by pressing A and tap on Manage installation on internal’ to access the packs. You can uncheck the pack you want to re-install and conclude the procedures by tapping on ‘Save Changes.’

Modern Warfare 2 Not Launching Error

Modern Warfare 2 has a strong set of audiences who adore the game, but for a few days now, people have reported needing help with launching this game. We have witnessed that there were multiple gamers online who reported that they had trouble with Modern Warfare 2 with it. If you face issues such as Modern Warfare 2 not launching, we have added a few fixes in the above-mentioned passages. Kindly make sure to check it as well.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

In the first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players engage in intense gun battles with hostile opponents. The soldier that the player controls has a variety of abilities, including the ability to jump, run, crouch, lay down, and aim down their iron sights. Blood will splash across the player’s heads-up display (HUD) when they are shot by an enemy, signaling that they have been wounded; if the player ducks behind cover to avoid firing, their health will restore. In addition, the HUD shows additional data, including a compass, a mini-map, and the player’s remaining ammunition. Traditional weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, and sniper rifles are included in the game. Each level will start with a predefined set of weapons that the player can use, but they are free to be replaced by any they come across. Some weapons can be customized with add-ons like heartbeat sensors and suppressors.

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