North Carolina Judge Sends Man Jail For Not Wearing Mask!

North Carolina Judge Sends Man To Jail For Not Wearing Mask

A North Carolina judge jailed a prospective juror for refusing to wear a mask, even though there is no law requiring it.

“I never thought I would go on jury duty and end up behind bars. That’s how it happened,”Gregory Hahn said on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Judge Charles Gilchrist, nominated for the bench by former Democratic Gov. Bev Purdue, remanded Hahn after he refused the judge’s order to wear a mask. According to reports, there is no mask requirement at the Harnett County Courthouse in Lillington. Masks are not required inside the courthouse, according to Hahn, and Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper rescinded his statewide mandate months ago.

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Hahn, a Navy veteran who served on the President’s Honour Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, stated that there were 98 jurors and that staff informed the pool that Gilchrist personally required masks in his courtroom.

“We were in [an assembly room] for about 20 to 30 minutes, shoulder to shoulder, with three-quarters of us not wearing masks,” he recalled.
“So the virus – if there was a virus out there – contaminated us anyway. So I got a call when they called roll call, I made eye contact with the clerk and she said, ‘I want you to come over here because you’re not wearing the mask.’”

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Man Jailed For Not Wearing Mask

When called to the bench, Hahn recalled Judge Gilchrist telling him that Cooper dropped the state mandate on May 4 and that Harnett County does not have one. Gilchrist informed Hahn that a $500 fine and 30 days in prison could be imposed for contempt. When Hahn refused to wear the mask, he was sentenced to 24 hours in the Harnett County Jail.

“It was the worst 24 hours of my life. I was denied calling my underage child who is at home,” he said.

“I apologise as I haven’t even been selected for the jury yet; it was still an orientation. He could have released me and held my cell for 24 hours.”

Reference Source: LocalToday

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The North Carolina Superior Court is the State of North Carolina’s general jurisdiction trial court. The Court has the authority to hear both criminal and civil cases. It’s divided into several districts.


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