Obituary: Ryan Sparks, Know His Cause of Death

Ryan Sparks passed away on the spur of the moment on Monday, June 27, 2022. An ordinary person suddenly came up in the spotlight for his sudden demise.

Ryan was an ordinary individual, who made headlines for unforeseen death. As reported in Top Info Guide, Tony Russell confirmed the death news to the media. Further, he pleaded to donate some money to Sparks’s family for financial support.

Jade Sparks, the fundraiser, take the support of Go Fund Me, raising the economic support for his family and his funeral. The beloved neighbors and relatives have provided some bunches of money to his family.

Death Cause

Ryan Sparks’ death occurred after a courageous battle with stroke, called a brain attack, which happens when something blocks the blood supply to part of the brain.

Tony, from his daughter, received the news that her friend’s father had a stroke the day before, leaving five children and a wife behind. As reported by CDC, a stroke can damage the brain in the long term and lead a person to death.

Reportedly, in 2020, one out of six individuals died of cardiovascular disease and stroke. A person has a stroke every 40 seconds in the United States.

Tony felt sad when he heard about the demise news of a man who loved everyone. According to Tony, Ryan was humble, kind, and had a good personality.

He and his team members tried to collect some funds for Spark’s family for funerals.

Ryan Sparks Obituary Details

Many social media has tributed him with an obituary on their social sites.

@Jadaabutt shared the article on Sparks, revealing a love for him and his family. One of his children, Jade Sparks, raised funds for his funeral and financial support for the family.

As of now, they have raised a fund of USD 2,720 of $6,500 goals. Currently, 28 donors have donated bunches of money. The financial support will provide the family strength and power to survive.

The family received love from numerous people during difficult times. They have no words to define happiness. Furthermore, they thanked everyone who sent love and prayed for their family.

The fund will support them to attend the funeral ceremony in the future.


Ryan Sparks’s sudden demise has left his wife, children, and family in deep sorrow.

Social media has not revealed the identity of his wife and children. As per the report, the humble man left behind his five children in deep sorrow. His relatives are raising funds for him because they belong to the middle class whose family depends on Ryan for survival.

Mr. Sparks, the head of the house, was the pillar of his family, bearing the responsibility of fulfilling all the needs of his children. After the death of Ryan, all the responsibility gets transferred to his wife.

Sparks, the sole provider, protected his family and always wanted to see everyone happy. Being a father, he would sacrifice anything for his family’s happiness and well-being.

His wife and kids at home will need financial support as his death was unexpected. The family received the love and support from their relatives in this crucial situation.

The family thanked everyone for showering them with support and comfort.

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