Patrick Champman Missing: Is He Found? Age & Wiki

Patrick Champman “Pat” Chapman is a 35-year-old, Caucasian male who was last known to be in Piedmont which is near the area of Greenville, Missouri on May 10, 2020.
Pat had stayed the night with a friend and his wife at their home. In the early morning when the friend woke to go to work.
Pat was gone in his own Burgundy color 1995 Ford Escort. That is the last anyone was known to have seen him. The vehicle was later recovered on May 29, 2020, in Mill Spring, Missouri.

Is Champman Founs?

Chapman was last seen at a family friend’s house in Mill Spring, Missouri on May 1, 2020. He has never been heard from again. His vehicle, a burgundy 1995 Ford Escort, disappeared with him; a photo of it is posted with this case summary.

On May 29, Chapman’s car was found abandoned on a four-wheeler path in a heavily wooded area of the Mark Twain National Forest, less than two miles from where he was last seen, not far from the Mill Spring Cemetery. It’s a very rural, heavily wooded area with very rough terrain, and without cellular phone service. There was severe damage to the vehicle’s bumper and all the tires were flat, and inside the car were Chapman’s wallet, identification, medication, and other belongings. His car keys and cellular phone are still missing, however.

Chapman had been divorced since 2011, but he kept in regular touch with his son. A tow truck driver, he had been known to go camping or stay with friends, so he wasn’t immediately reported missing. The report was filed on May 30. Since Chapman’s disappearance, his bank account has not been touched. His case remains unsolved.


Patrick Champman was born on the 24th of February 1986 in Mill Spring, Missouri. As of February 2022, he is 35 years old.


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He is missing since 05/01/2020 from Mill Spring, Missouri.

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