Pink Sauce Frenzy After Condiment Takes Over TikTok: Chef Pii Reacts

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The pink sauce craze that has taken over the internet has prompted a response from Chef Pii, a TikTok user and private chef.

Before the condiment caused a tremendous sensation in recent days, videos about the vibrant sauce originally became popular in June.

Following reviews of the items and complaints from certain consumers, the dipping sauce’s developer has responded.

What Is The Pink Sauce?

The Pink Sauce is a condiment developed by private Miami celebrity chef Chef Pii, who has 40,000 Instagram followers and 77,000 TikTok followers.

As shown in her videos on the TikTok account @chef.pii, the chef has used the dipping sauce to drizzle over tacos, gyros, chicken wings, and other foods.

The sauce costs $20 a bottle and was described as “sweet, spicy, and tangy” by Chef Pii in the comments of one of her videos.

Chef Pii has replied to reviews following the consumer feedback that went viral since the condiment was offered as part of a pre-sale in June of this year.

Chef Pii Responds To The Frenzy

According to The Daily Dot, Chef Pii has intervened after several clients complained that the sauce lacked nutritional information.

She stated that she was currently “quality testing” the condiment and that she would give the required labels as soon as the shipment of the goods was made.

“I assume when you’re amazing, you can’t make a mistake, but, I mean, sure,” Chef Pii said to the publication. My staff is moving swiftly to address the problems. We had some delays entering our facilities and doing other things. Shipment problems plagued us.

“However, we’re working rapidly to fix all the problems. [We’re working on] reaching back out to our customers who actually purchased the product and communicating with them diligently.”

Chef Protests The Color Of The Sauce

According to a story from Today, Chef Pii said that the sauce’s colour has altered since the June distribution of the prototype.

On June 25, we pre-launched roughly 100 units, and on July 1 we debuted the site, Chef Pii informed the magazine over the phone.

“We altered the hue since the pink was too brilliant in the eyes of the audience, so we took that into consideration. So we then tightened it a little. They are all prototypes for everything they are evaluating.

A TikTok member who purchased the sauce commented on it, saying: “It’s giving me ranch with a little bit of butter… with a sweetener, such as ketchup or another substance. Would I repurchase this? No.”

Another person remarked, “This smells just like ranch. It tastes kind of like ranch, but milder and not as creamy.

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