Pokemon Go Gotcha Not Working 2022, How to Fix Pokemon Go Gotcha Not Working Issue?

Pokemon Go Gotcha Not Working 2022

Pokemon GO is a highly engaging, easily playable, and innovatively designed Pokemon game. One of the most popular Pokemon games for mobile devices is this one. The popular augmented reality or AR adventure game Pokemon Go belongs to the Pokemon series. The game also enjoys a sizable fanbase worldwide thanks to the success of its merchandising and accessories. The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and publisher Niantic worked together to create the game. It is accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices. This article gives guidance on how to fix Pokemon Go Gotcha in 2022.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Gotcha Not Working Issue?

  • First, close down the Pokemon Go app.

  • Turn off Bluetooth after unpairing your gotcha gear from your smartphone.

  • Then, find the Pokemon Go app in your list of apps by going to the app settings on your phone. Clear the game’s cache in the settings by selecting the Pokemon Go app.

  • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone once more.

  • Don’t pair the Gotcha yet, please. Simply click the Bluetooth popup’s close button.

  • To activate the attachment, press the gotcha button.

  • Go to Pokemon Go Plus settings after opening the Pokemon Go app.

  • Next, select the gotcha attachment from the list of devices and tap it to connect.

Pokemon Go Gotcha Features

  • The Pokemon Go app’s unique add-on item is called Gotcha. Most often, it’s a wristband accessory that lets gamers play Pokemon Go on the Go without having to look at their smartphone.

  • Players can also employ the “Auto-catch” mode when using the gotcha attachment.

  • With this option, participants can avoid responding. As a result, the gotcha item serves a variety of purposes for players.

  • One of these features could be the ability to gather Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs, and other goodies at Poké Stops without having to check a smartphone.

  • With only one press, you can activate the gotcha accessory and connect it to the app. Subsequent taps will take you to the menu, where you can adjust options like auto-catch, auto-spin, vibration, connection with your phone, and more. Additionally, the device can be configured to only catch Pokémon, not those in the player’s Pokédex.

Pokemon Go

A free smartphone software called Pokémon Go combines virtual reality with the outside world. Players catch and train Pokémon characters in actual locales thanks to location tracking and mapping technology used in the game. Nintendo owns the Pokémon (short for pocket monster) franchise, which started off as a Game Boy game in the middle of the 1990s. The focus of the game was on fictitious creatures known as Pokemon, which humans (Pokémon Trainers) capture and train for combat.

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