Quinton Simon Update: Has Quinton Simon Been Found? Who Is Quinton Simon Mother And Father? Quinton Simon Timeline

Quinton Simon Update

In an update on Tuesday, officers informed that the search for Quinton Simon is focused on a landfill where Quinton Simon’s body is assumed to have been taken after being put in a dumpster.

Investigators did not mention what evidence led to that conclusion.

Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley said, “We know that this is going to be a physically, mentally and emotionally gruelling task for our investigators and team. We want justice for Quinton just like everyone else.”

Has Quinton Simon Been Found?

A child named Quinton Simon went missing. The search for Quinton Simon continues nearly two weeks after he vanished. It is reported that Quinton was missing from his home in Savannah on the morning of 5th October.

After a week, Chatham County police revealed they believe the toddler is dead, and his mom, Leilani Simon, is considered the prime suspect. But no arrests have been made.

Who Is Quinton Simon Mother And Father?

Quinton Simon’s mother is Leilani Simon, but not much information is known about Quinton Simmons Mother. According to her Facebook profile, she works with a shop named ‘Hollister Co’.

The police chief revealed officers had contacted the boy’s biological dad and did not believe he was involved. Officers performed a cursory search of the kid’s home but didn’t find him hiding inside. No information about Quinton Simon Father was found.

Quinton Simmons Mother


Image Source: Facebook

Quinton Simmons Missing

On the day the child was reported missing, Jeff said Quinton’s mom’s boyfriend reported seeing him when he woke up on October 5, 2022, at 6 am.

Jeff said, “Mother woke up at some other time later and reported the child missing at 9:39. The boy’s biological father was not near him during the time of his disappearance. The child’s mother and her boyfriend have been working with detectives.”

Quinton Simon Timeline

Quinton was found around 6 a.m. on October 5 in his playpen at his Buckhalter Road home. He is found missing around 9 a.m., and the police are contacted.

On October 6, Jeff Hadley held a press conference saying, in part, police were treating the case as a missing individual investigation, and there was no evidence to tell Quinton was no longer alive.

On October 11, Chatham County Police issued a statement expressing they had captured evidence they believed would lead to closure in the investigation.

On October 18, Police and the FBI revealed Quinton’s remains were placed in a dumpster and carried to a nearby landfill.

Now a landfill search is underway to find the child’s remains.

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