Rizz Meaning, Definition, What Does Rizz Mean? Everything You Need To Know About Word Rizz

Rizz Meaning

The most recent slang terms trending on TikTok are “rizz” and “unspoken rizz,” but what do they mean and where did they come from? You most likely have no idea unless you’re a fan of Kai Cenat. Every new day on TikTok brings in a fresh trend, and rizz is currently the most well-liked topic there. The video app is being overrun with advice on how to have rizz and step up your rizz game, but if you have no idea what they’re talking about, you’re not alone. Here is what we know about it because comments on videos frequently wonder what it is.

Rizz Definition

It represents a more advanced form of slang. The term “Rizz” is used to describe a man who is adept at impressing women, but the Unspoken Rizz is a little different. Unspoken Rizz is a man who attracts ladies with his physical appeal and charm without ever speaking to them, as the name suggests.

What Does Rizz Mean?

Let’s begin with the question our readers ask most frequently. The term “Rizz” was created by Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer and YouTube celebrity. In reality, the word “rizz” implies “to get a female” or “to boost your game.” Did you miss it?

Let’s explain with an example.

Silky: I noticed you talking to that girl Rachel over there. Did you get her phone number?

Kai: Yeah! You know I’m mad ‘Rizz’.

You now comprehend why this terminology is often used online. Similar to the Twitch streamer, there has also been discussion on the internet regarding who has more Rizz.

Rizz Meaning Slang

Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, invented the New York slang term “rizz.” According to Urban Dictionary, it has to do with a man’s ability to attract women or games. Despite the fact that the term is only now becoming popular on TikTok, it has been around since at least June 2021, and Cenat has created multiple videos specifically about rizz.

What Does Rip It Up Mean?

The phrase “Rip It Up” tells one to rip a piece of material to pieces.

Example: “Y’all, enter there and rip it up. Damn, these people think this is dancing. Teach them how to accomplish it.”

“You believe you can perform better? Let’s watch you destroy it.”

The Rizz Meaning

Let’s find out a little bit more about Kai Cenat, who invented rizz with his friends, now that you are aware of what it implies. Actually, Kai is a well-known social media influencer, live streamer, and YouTuber. He is renowned for producing excellent web material. He’s become a well-known Instagram comedic personality because of his snappy and original meme-based comedy routines. The streamer has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers as a result of his distinctive content style. Additionally, he has over 2.11 million subscribers to his comedy YouTube channel of the same name. More than one million people have seen Kai’s YouTube video.


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