What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok?

On the internet, new slang terms are created every single day. The most recent fad on TikTok is the word “Rizz.”

Rizz Meaning On TikTok

Kai Cenat, a star on Twitch and YouTube, came up with the term “Rizz” initially. The phrase has been used by Cenat to characterize his aptitude for seducing women.

A content producer located in New York is named Cenat. Cenat, who is now 20 years old, was born in 2001. On YouTube, he has more than 1.75 million subscribers, and he has more than 2 million TikTok followers.

According to Urban Dictionary, rizz, also known as a game, generally refers to a man’s capacity to entice a woman. Since June 2021, the word “rizz” has been in use.

In July 2021, Cenat established the Rizz Academy to aid in his pals’ love lives.

Rizz Levels

Kai has developed ‘rizz grades’ in three different levels.

Level W is the highest, followed by Levels V and L.

Content producers have imitated Kai’s example and even released their own rizz guides.

Even the more uncommon “unspoken rizz” exists.

Unspoken rizz, as defined by HITC, is a man’s capacity to seduce a woman purely on the basis of his appearance.

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